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rfxcel DSCSA Compliance Library

DSCSA Compliance Library: Comprehensive DSCSA Information in One Location

Welcome to the rfxcel DSCSA Compliance Library. It’s a collection of our key DSCSA resources (as of September 2023) and is a convenient place to get information as the industry navigates the “extended stabilization period” until FDA enforcement begins on November 27, 2024.

We will, of course, continue writing about the DSCSA and providing the best supply chain solutions to ensure manufacturers, wholesalers, dispensers, repackagers, third-party logistics providers — all pharmaceutical stakeholders — meet the requirements and remain compliant forever.

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A note about the rfxcel DSCSA Compliance Library

Please note that that we haven’t included everything we’ve written or presented about the DSCSA. Deadlines and requirements have changed since the law was enacted in November 2013, so some of our earlier pieces are, logically, outdated.

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A timeline showing key dates of the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) from 2013 to 2024

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