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Pharma Serialization Software


rfxcel provides the most robust and scalable serialization software in the Life Sciences industry. With the industry undergoing a large global digital supply chain transformation, organizations are looking to rfxcel for experience and leading-edge serialization software solutions to meet their needs today and build value for tomorrow.


By choosing rfxcel, customers can be assured they will have an experienced global team backing their serialization programs.

rfxcel provides a robust serialization software solution:

  1. Complete analysis of business and equipment processes and modules
  2. Defined plan that best suits customers specifications and budget
  3. Full-service implementation team to successfully on-board serialization software with existing technologies:
    1. Serialization line server installed
    2. Integrate with all trading partners
    3. Data exchange is accurate and meets compliance standards
Serialization Software Diagram


Generate. Allocate. Export

Advanced Configuration
rfxcel’s serialization software can generate serial number formats to meet all requirements. Common features include numeric, alpha-numeric, sequential and random numbers. rfxcel’s serialization software supports complex features such hexadecimal or random probability.

Assign serial numbers
You can assign serial numbers and lot numbers to any outbound or inbound product

Data Quality Assurance

Data Verification
rfxcel’s serialization software provides extensive data verification checks to ensure the quality of the data. Some examples include: checking for duplicates, confirming the format and packing levels, verifying that only previously allocated numbers are received and much more.


Print Ready
rfxcel’s serialization software lets you easily encode a serial number in the appropriate physical format (bar code, data matrix, RFID tag URI)

Affix to items, cases, palettes and so on.



Serialization Software - Global Partner Ecosystem

rfxcel connects to thousands of trading partners within the Life Sciences supply chain. We have the most experienced implementation team in the industry, and with our proven implementation approach, our customers don’t have to worry if their systems will be connected to trading partners or the global supply chain network.

With a patch work of confusing serialization standards, implementing serialization programs is challenging for companies in the Life Sciences industry. Successful organizations work with a software provider that delivers a collaborative trading partner ecosystem and flexible software that accepts or creates any data format required by trading partners.

As the industry leader in collaborative trading partner efforts, we are eager to partner, support and help with trading partner connections and integrations. Our experienced team of experts work with thousands of trading partners across the globe and understand the unique requirements of each participant in the trading partner ecosystem.

There is no fee to become a part of the rfxcel global trading partner ecosystem. Becoming a trading partner provides both our customer and trading networks with greater flexibility and better trading outcomes.

Please contact us to learn more about our trading partner network or to become a member of the rfxcel trading partner ecosystem.


Serialization Software - Scanning Capabilities - Scanner Logo
Serialization software with scanning integration

No additional hardware/software needed
rfxcel’s serialization software works with most scanners. Customers just need to plug in a PC compatible scanner and start scanning serial numbers. It is that simple.

Dynamic recognition
rfxcel’s serialization software dynamically recognizes and pulls in the relevant data from a barcode into its system. The system automatically recognizes the product type (product, case or pallet).


Serialization Software Transaction Audits Multi Systems

Transaction Audits
rfxcel’s serialization software captures and stores all serialization data sent site level systems. Full transaction history of all serialized items and events are maintained. This includes not only receipt of data but any voiding or reprocessing of events.

Master Data Audits
rfxcel’s serialization software audits changes to master data to ensure you have no disruptions to your supply chain lines.


Our mission is to develop solutions for our customers to derive additional value beyond compliance. We understand that our customers are making a significant investment to become compliant with today’s laws and regulations. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality, and help you to harness quality data for better business intelligence. Our focus on value and quality means better business outcomes and lower supply chain costs for our customers.

rfxcel is committed to supporting industry standards. Our solutions are designed in accordance with the internationally accepted ANSI/ISA S95 standard. Our software is hosted in the cloud in a single tenant environment providing our customers with full control. Customers are never forced to accept upgrades, and upgrades are always done in concert with our customers to ensure continuity of your supply chain operations.

To learn more about rfxcel serialization software contact us to schedule a 30 minute demonstration today.