Life Sciences: Pharmaceuticals & Medical Devices

Secure your supply chain with the industry’s longest-tenured track and trace solutions.

Popular Features

  • Raw ingredients to finished goods traceability
  • Real-time cold chain monitoring
  • Compliance management
  • Predictive analytics

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rfxcel Traceability System (rTS)

The most complete, flexible, and accurate track and trace solution for the Life Sciences. A comprehensive suite of applications to optimize your supply chain operations.

Full interopability with rfxcel Integration Server

  • Maps, transforms, and manages data
  • Has the most extensive system validation rules in the industry
  • Collects only high-quality, actionable data from your supply chain
  • Supports all industry standard connectivity and data formats

Simple implementation with rfxchange

  • Connect to your trading partners with ease
  • Collect and send only data that you want trading partners to receive
  • Flexible approach and adjustable to your integration needs

The promise of data analytics

  • Get an extensive view of your organization
  • Improve business processes, boost supply chain efficiency, and identify problems
  • Collect only high-quality, actionable data from your supply chain
  • Identify which products or customers have the most or fewest returns and issues

rfxcel Integrated Monitoring (rIM)

rfxcel’s real-time traceability and supply chain visibility solution that helps you remotely monitor products in transit.

Monitor in real time: Keep track of medicines, raw materials, and other valuable or perishable items.

Improve customer satisfaction by ensuring your products arrive safely and on time — every time!

  • Mitigate damage, delays, and revenue loss with real-time tracking of 12 variables (e.g., temperature, tilt, humidity, light, shock)
  • Have a complete view of your shipment: monitor at a top level (e.g., case, pallet, truck) and track at an item level (e.g., packet, bottle)

Track aggregated products and the units within the aggregation

  • One system for all your needs: An integrated serialization and track & trace platform with real-time data from IoT-enabled devices
  • One view for all your data: Consolidates data from multiple devices and systems into one view
  • Fully integrated solution: Works with any sensor device; no need to purchase additional equipment

rfxcel Mobile Traceability App

The power of compliance at your fingertips

  • Ensure only legally compliant items are dispensed
  • Electronically verify, decommission, recommission, and change the state of medicines prior to dispensing

Built for all pharmaceutical dispensers to verify any medicine before dispensing

  • Ensure only legally compliant items are dispensed
  • Electronically verify, decommission, recommission, and change the status of medicines prior to dispensing
  • Powerful and easy to use on desktop and mobile devices
  • Scan and verify dispensed products
  • Decommission products
  • Scan dispensing bag label and associate pack codes with the bag
  • Scan sealed bag to automatically decommission all packs inside

Zebra scanners put performance In your hands

  • Improve workflow efficiency and accuracy
  • Scan every type of bar code found in the lab, including small, high-density, curved, and color-coded
  • Built for medical labs and pharmacies