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Food Safety Software for Regulatory Compliance

Food safety compliance is critical for food and beverage companies.

The food marketplace is undergoing significant change. The modern food consumer is demanding more information about their food choices, from how food is sourced, delivered, and prepared to ingredients and their provenance. People also want to personalize their eating experiences, a model that will align the food industry with other consumer sectors.

The key to surviving and thriving in the new realities of consumer demand is to have an absolute lock on your supply chain being able to verify the authenticity and origin of your raw materials and ingredients, and effectively, quickly, and accurately track and trace your products as they move across a global network of growers and shippers, distributors and manufacturers, and online and in-person retail outlets.

Getting the right data about your product’s disposition is the driver behind informed decision-making. Industry leaders know it’s data that allows them to accurately and effectively leverage just-in-time inventory, satisfy regulatory and customer demands for transparency and verification, and drive targeted consumer engagement through mobile, IoT, blockchain, and other applications.

Now more than ever, regulations are forcing the food and beverage industry to focus on food safety and traceability. rfxcel has more than a decade of experience helping companies of all sizes with solutions for regulatory compliance and real-time track and trace, as well as best-in-class data validation and inventory management services.  Thanks to our groundbreaking work in the life sciences, we have directly integrated with government systems around the world to ensure you are meeting all of your food industry compliance needs.

Governments around the world require food and beverage companies to comply with complex and comprehensive regulations. Since the early 2000s, governments have reiterated the importance of food safety and have been demanding proactive approaches to reduce food safety issues in the supply chain. Today’s compliance requirements are shifting the focus from responding to contamination to preventing it.

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Food safety compliance with rfxcel

rfxcel facilitates early detection and response to threats associated with unsafe food from growers, handlers, shippers, distributors. The goal is to provide a secure supply chain and ensure confidence in a safe food supply by meeting food safety compliance requirements and more.

We bring diverse supply chain experiences that will help the food industry achieve compliance and realize additional business benefits by doing so. One of the key benefits of investing in food safety compliance is improved supply chain control and performance. When done right, you can best the competition in performance management capabilities and supporting technologies.

To do this, rfxcel Food & Beverage Traceability System (rFBTS) builds capacity to manage and detect risks from farm to fork by:

  • Partnering and integrating with every trading partner in your supply chain
  • Serializing products down to the unit level and aggregating with multiple hierarchy
  • Checking data quality at every transaction
  • Automating critical process alerts thanks to robust functionality and simple integration with any business system
  • rfxcel’s Traceability System (rTS) can integrate with your internal business system to connect shop-floor production processes data with real time traceability data. By doing this you can ensure both food safety and traceability.

About rfxcel Solutions

Our mission is to develop solutions for our customers to derive additional value beyond compliance. We understand that our customers are making a significant investment to become compliant with today’s laws and regulations. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality and help you harness data for better business intelligence. Our focus on value and quality means better business outcomes and lower supply chain costs for our customers.

rfxcel is also committed to supporting industry standards. Our solutions are designed in accordance with the internationally accepted ANSI/ISA S95 standard. Our software is hosted in a single-tenant cloud environment that gives our customers full control. Customers are never forced to accept upgrades, and upgrades are always done in concert with our customers to ensure continuity of their supply chain operations.

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