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Smart Digital Innovation

Transforming business with supply chain digitization

Innovative solutions from the digital supply chain experts

  • Make every part of your supply chain a data powerhouse with digitization
  • Leverage a digital supply chain to enrich all aspects of your business
  • Strengthen your brand and exceed customer expectations

Transform your supply chain into a strategic asset

Smart Digital Innovation (SDI) is the Antares Vision Group business unit chartered to bring to life innovative solutions and products for the digitized supply chain for businesses that want to ensure they keep pace with the ever-changing global digital landscape.

SDI means more than adapting to Supply Chain 4.0, Industry 4.0, or whatever comes next. It means leading in the digital universe, not following trends. It means seeing a deeper, more expansive vision of supply chain digitization. It means developing solutions that are always looking forward, looking for opportunities. It means

And SDI means you’ll work with a team that has only one goal: Sharing their experience, insights, and industry intelligence to build a digital supply chain that will improve every facet of your business right now, tomorrow — always. Together, we will maximize the promise of digitization and make your supply chain your most valuable business asset.

Unrivaled experience improving business with supply chain digitization

  • SDI members have experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food and beverage, consumer goods, the public sector, and agriculture
  • Expertise in software and hardware solutions for supply chain digitization
  • Our SDI team works with you to develop Proof of Concepts and run pilots

Incremental Approach for Supply Chain Digitization

Digitizing your supply chain can be expensive and risky without the proper design and careful planning. To help you in this effort, SDI takes an incremental approach toward helping you realize the value of a digital supply chain:

  • Workshops are facilitated by SDI advisors with key business and technical stakeholders to understand the potential value of digitization and develop a roadmap toward supply chain digitization. Workshops are customized for your unique business needs.
  • Proof of Concepts (POCs) offer a low-cost, low-risk, approach to testing the value of supply chain digitization. POCs often focused on serializing a limited batch of products within a market. Our SDI team will help you define a POC that best meets your unique business needs.
  • Pilots are similar to POCs but encompass a larger scope of effort. This frequently involves multiple products with integration into existing systems and may include more in-depth coordination with your supply chain partners.
  • The Center of Innovation (COI) is a multi-million-dollar facility that brings together the SDI advisory services with the software and hardware required to evaluate your supply chain digitalization needs. In short, the COI gives you an opportunity to test drive your digitalization plans before making a purchase.
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SDI Success Stories

Serializing billions of products for a renowned produce company

  • Turning every product into a digital asset with a unique digital ID
  • Leveraging each digital asset to connect directly with customers for innovative consumer engagement
  • Serialization and scanning technologies transplanted directly to farms
  • End-to-end digitization begins in the field and continues into every consumers’ home

Combating counterfeits for a global pharmaceutical company

  • Serialization and monitoring removed counterfeit product from the supply chain
  • Supply chain blind spots identified and remedied
  • Consumer confidence restored and brand protection emphasized with data from digital assets

Digitizing a top-tier cosmetics company’s supply chain for brand-building

  • Digital assets offer highly personalized interaction with consumers
  • Leveraging digital assets for strategic consumer engagement during the pandemic
  • Digital supply chain data to safeguard products

Making sure a leading winemaker keeps up with consumer demands and expectations

  • Digital supply chain being created to make sure customers get the wines they want
  • Bottles of wine as digital assets inspiring consumers to promote the brand through multiple platforms

Building the first digital infrastructure and platform for the agri-food industry in Italy

  • Digitization deployed to modernize and optimize Italy’s agri-food sector
  • Data being leveraged to increase yields and improve land management
  • Transparency, sustainability, and safer food achieved with digital supply chain
  • Accelerating digital infrastructure in rural areas.

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