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Edge Warehouse Solutions

Data collection solution for both serialized and non-serialized products.

Edge Warehouse Solutions is the data capture and warehouse tracking management solution

Best-in-class data management for warehouse operations. Fully integrated with compliance management and traceability solutions to meet global regulations.

    Edge Warehouse Solutions Inventory

    Edge Warehouse Solutions manages serialized and non-serialized inventory through the distribution process by delivering flexible, scalable data capture and workflow management that reduces labor costs and cycle times, improves inventory management, and meets current and future serialization regulatory requirements such as DSCSA in the United States, the EU FMD, and Brazil ANVISA.

    Intuitive user interfaces ensure that users are collecting the right level of information without having to make decisions about what products are serialized or not serialized.

    Edge Warehouse Solutions can operate as a standalone solution for smaller entities and provide more robust functionalities and integrations for larger operations, with customizable configurations to meet specific workflow requirements at multiple locations.

    Product Features/Capabilities

    • A single solution to manage serialized and non-serialized data for handling warehouse operations, including accurate aggregation and disaggregation of serialized data
    • Highly compatible with operational integration across ERP, WMS, EPCIS repositories, and serial number management
    • Scalable to support multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities or operate as a standalone solution
    • Streamlined Pick, Pick/Pack, and Ship Scenario support with Shipment Verification
    • Commission and print serialized labels
    • Hardware flexibility: supports ZEBRA and other hardware solutions
    • Workflow management: configurations match a specific facility’s workflow, from receiving and putaway through order fulfillment and shipping transactions

    Business Value/Benefits

    • Meet compliance needs in a single solution: enables the capture and management of serialization data required for regulatory compliance across industries in warehouse operations
    • Increased warehouse efficiency and productivity: eliminates redundant activity in the warehouse for capturing serialized and non-serialized data for shipments
    • Flexibility in delivery: allows organizations with multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities to quickly and easily configure site-specific workflows while providing necessary data for regulatory compliance
    • Supports diverse Edge form factors, such as handheld or fixed installations – optimized UI
    • Complies with 21 CFR Part 11 (electronic records and electronic signatures)
    • Improved inventory accuracy and visibility

    Implementation and Support

    We offer full-service implementation with no extra fees

    You work with an experienced and designated team to configure and implement Edge Warehouse Solution to meet the specific needs of your warehouse operations

    We will identify, source, and deliver all required hardware components and/or leverage your existing systems

    We provide training and ongoing support to ensure the successful adoption of your solution

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