DIAMIND Sentry: The Next Generation Exception Management Solution

Diamind Sentry

The Next Generation Exception Management Solution.

DIAMIND Sentry: Revolutionizing Exception Management for Seamless Operations and DSCSA Compliance

Elevate your data quality, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance with DIAMIND Sentry. This comprehensive solution manages exceptions, enhances collaboration, and ensures seamless data integration across your supply chain.

    DIAMIND Sentry Solution Overview

    DIAMIND Sentry is a standalone platform designed for manufacturers, wholesalers, and dispensers to identify and resolve product data exchange errors quickly. It offers advanced exception management capabilities without requiring platform upgrades, ensuring rapid deployment and immediate operational impact. DIAMIND Sentry supports compliance with DSCSA, safeguarding the continuity of your supply chain operations.

    How It Works:

    1. EPCIS File Evaluation: Sentry automatically evaluates inbound and outbound EPCIS files through multiple prechecks, including format and master data validation, ensuring they meet DSCSA standards.
    2. Error Handling: A single validation report summarizes all file errors. Depending on the error’s criticality, files are either blocked, flagged for review, or sent back to partners for correction.
    3. Collaboration: Automated notifications and ticketing systems facilitate quick resolution of issues. Partners can respond directly via email, triggering automated responses and reprocessing.
    4. Monitoring: Customizable dashboards provide real-time visibility into data flows, exception statuses, and purchase order tracking, with an emphasis on DSCSA compliance.

    Product Features/Capabilities

    • DSCSA Compliance: Ensures all file transactions meet DSCSA requirements for traceability and security, with automated processes maintaining compliance and reducing the risk of non-compliance penalties.
    • Advanced Exception Management: Automated file evaluations ensure data accuracy and integrity, while detailed validation reports streamline error identification and resolution.
    • Seamless Collaboration: Automated notifications and ticketing facilitate efficient partner communication, and integration with existing systems like ServiceNow and Salesforce via APIs.
    • Enhanced Visibility: Real-time dashboards monitor file success/failure rates and purchase order statuses, with proactive alerts for missing or erroneous files to prevent delays.
    • User-Friendly Interface: Responsive design accessible on both mobile and desktop devices, with customizable views tailored to different user roles within your organization.
    • Centralized Data Access: Single access point for all exception-related data reduces response times and improves efficiency, with global network visibility supporting multi-region operations.
    • Cost Efficiency: DIAMIND Sentry costs less than one qualified headcount, consistently delivering without missing orders, taking days off, or failing to deliver on its promise.

    Business Value/Benefits

    • Supply Chain Continuity: Maintain product flow without quarantine, reducing supply chain disruption risk.
    • Efficient Resource Utilization: Leverage technology to reduce dependency on time, people, and money by identifying and resolving issues before the product arrives, ensuring files are correct on the first submission.
    • Faster Issue Resolution: Through automated notifications and detailed validation reports.
    • Improved Data Quality: Ensuring all files meet your stringent data standards.
    • Operational efficiency: Streamlining workflows with advanced exception management and real-time monitoring.
    • Reduced Exception Management Costs: Eliminating the need for additional human resources to track, handle and report all exception cases manually.
    • Enhanced collaboration: Facilitating seamless communication between internal teams and external partners.
    • Regulatory compliance: Guaranteeing adherence to DSCSA requirements, protecting your operations from regulatory risks.

    Why DIAMIND Sentry

    Comprehensive Inbound & Outbound File Processing: Process any GS1 standard EPCIS file and version not just for inbound files but also outbound.

    Powerful Analytics & Scorecard – proactively monitor the status of errors as well as purchase orders through state-of-the-art dashboards.

    Configurable rulebooks to tailor the solution to your specific needs.

    Automated communications eliminate the need for manual file interrogation and enable self-service resolution.

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