Returnable Asset Tracking -

Returnable Asset Management

Total visibility of your returnable transport items (RTIs) with RFID technology

Custom RFID tags, barcodes, and scanning devices are fully integrated with our cloud platform to serialize, track, and trace each returnable transport item, so you know where all of your assets are 24/7.

With our Returnable Asset Management, your assets are returned for continuous use

    With our Returnable Asset Track Solution, you can:

    Why track returnable transport items?

    In response to today’s growing environmental crisis created by single-use supply chain packaging, as well as the need for increased supply chain efficiency, many businesses have started eliminating single-use packaging by introducing RTIs such as totes, baskets, trays, crates, cylinders, containers, and more.

    $1.5 BILLION

    annual cost to replace stolen or missing reusable shipping containers in the USA

    15% to 30%

    of returnable assets are lost, stolen, damaged, or misplaced each year

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