Inventory Accuracy & Reducing Costs: Finished Goods Traceability

Finished Goods Traceability

rfxcel Finished Goods Traceability (rFGT)

Traceability requires the identification of all physical entities (locations) where products originate from and where it is packed and stored.  Finished goods or inventory tracking and reporting systems can improve inventory accuracy, reduce excess inventory and the associated costs.

rFGT creates a paperless trail of inventory at any time and place. With rFGT many companies automatically record inventory processes like shipping, warehousing, and shipments of finished goods to customers. rFGT is rigorous digital system to solve the complexity of supply chain and eliminate manual or paper-based recording. Companies improve timing, accuracy and eliminate missing inventory.

Many companies integrate rFGT into everyday operations to track complete detailed records; from suppliers to customers. It creates accurate and true records of operational processes. Finished goods traceability provides transparency for continuous improvement and makes responding to and controlling the impact of recalls easier and faster.

With rFGT you can:

  • Label containers, pallets, cases, units
  • Locate any of the above in your warehouse
  • Serialize parts and trace them backward & forward
  • Trace suspect units of product by specific range of serialized Pallets, Containers, Parts/Units, by Lot numbers, Production Dates and more