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Verification Router Service (rVRS)

rfxcel Verification Router Service (rVRS)

rVRS is a routing system to send product information back and forth between distributors and manufacturers. Based on HDA requirements, a manufacturer stores all of its product identifier information locally, which needs to be connected to a third-party routing service. Upon receiving a saleable return, the distributor captures the product data and sends the data to a third-party router service, which then routes the query to the appropriate manufacturer’s database.

Through rVRS, we collect manufacturer’s EPCIS repository IP address, as well as their GTINs (Global Trade Item Number), to give the most accurate information.

rVRS is based on industry standards and HDA’s proposed process:

  • Step 1. When a wholesale distributor receives a saleable return, they scan the product identifier (on either the whole case or the first unit), and acquire the serial number and GTIN for the product.
  • Step 2.  The wholesale distributor sends both the serial number and the GTIN to rVRS. rVRS looks up the manufacturer’s EPCIS IP address.
  • Step 3. rVRS sends the data to the EPCIS for the purposes of verification.
  • Step 4.  The manufacturer’s system responds to the request with the corresponding serial number and GTIN, or with the current status of the units in question.
  • Step 5. Manufacturer’s VRS sends the data to the wholesale distributor who needs it for saleable returns purposes.

Only through collaboration will the industry meet DSCSA compliance. It is crucial for solution providers to have a flexible system that enables them to work closely with customers and their partners to follow industry standards and meet compliance requirements. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all-situation’ to meet DSCSA or other global compliance deadlines and requirements. rfxcel works closely with manufacturers and wholesalers distributors to determine their needs and build a product that is best for the customer.