Food and Beverage Traceability: Meeting Marketplace Demands
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Food and Beverage Traceability (rFBT)

rfxcel Food and Beverage Traceability (rFBT)

Traceability requires the identification of all physical entities (locations) where fresh produce originates from and where it is packed and stored.  These may include but are not limited to fields, growers, packers, carriers, wholesalers and retailers.

A system for identifying and tracing produce is needed so that sub-standard or unsafe produce can be recalled. It also enables the cause of problems to be identified and their recurrence prevented. The essential requirements for an effective system are:

  • Each batch of product must be clearly marked.
  • A record must be kept of the batch ID and the destination details.
  • Records of operations critical to food safety and quality must be maintained.

The following table shows how product identification methods and records combine to form an effective system for product identification and traceability linking the stages of growing, packing and delivery to retailers.


The food marketplace is undergoing massive changes, from how food is delivered and prepared, to how it is sourced, to the ingredients used and their provenance. The modern food consumer is demanding more information about their food choices so they can personalize their eating experiences, a model that will align the food industry with other consumer sectors.

The key then, to surviving and thriving in this brave new world of consumer demand, is an absolute lock on your supply chain – being able to verify the authenticity and origin of your raw materials and ingredients, and to effectively, quickly and accurately track and trace your products as they move across a global network of harvesters, processors, distributors and retail outlets both virtual and in-person.

Getting the right data about your product’s disposition is the driver behind informed decision making that will allow tomorrow’s winners to accurately and effectively leverage just-in-time inventory, satisfy disparate regulatory and customer demands for transparency and verification, and drive targeted consumer engagement through mobile, IoT and blockchain applications and more.

rfXcel has over a decade helping companies of all sizes meet the traceability demands of the marketplace, whether that be regulatory compliance, real time track and trace, or best-in-class data validation and inventory management services. rfXcel is a global leader in the highly regulated and complex Life Science market. Our experience, expertise and powerful traceability platform is now ready to be leveraged for the food and beverage industry. With rfXcel, you can have confidence that your traceability needs can be met.

rFB Solution Products

Real-Time Track and Trace

  • Instantly track any lot, case or item forward or back for a complete product pedigree
  • Dynamic Search and Query for items using Unique Visualizations, including Cluster Mapping
  • Identify and Act on Recalls knowing that your product history data is complete and accurate – because failing a mock recall is no longer an option.


Environmental Monitoring

  • Fight Fraud, Adulteration and Diversion
  • Tighten SLAs, Identify Bottlenecks and Optimize Product Distribution
  • Protect Your Brand and Consumers with Temperature Alerts
  • Improve the Shelf Life of your Fresh Products

rFB Single Solution – Total Compliance and Monitoring

  • Capture, Validate and Leverage all required product attributes and documentation by PO, ASN or other identifier, and be ready to perform “desktop audits” on-demand.
  • The most accurate and complete data solution for PTI and FSMA Compliance
  • Integrates seamlessly with your existing EDGE, WMS and ERP Systems, including custom and proprietary technologies. Leverage our experience with thousands of integrations to gain maximum visibility without disrupting your workflows.
  • Push and Pull required or requested data to satisfy customer requests to 3rd Party systems like GDSN, WorldSync1, ITDS, BRC or others. rfXcel is fluent in all GS1 data standards.

rIT and rFG

  • Track Ingredient Lots for value added or manufactured products and follow through to the finished product, no matter how complex.
  • Leverage your ability to validate brand claims of organic, fair trade or sustainable, “clean” ingredients via traceability

Consumer Apps

  • Make consumer engagement campaigns more useful through your own consumer applications.
  • Link consumer feedback to supply chain events to identify quality issues
  • Link origin data to consumer accounts for marketing purposes, or other attributes consumers may care about.
  • Track incentive programs and coupons via serialization

Blockchain Connect

  • Increase the value of the Block Data through our Validation Tools
  • Flexible Application Layer delivers on data needs outside the blockchain
  • Track everything, but share only what is required by your trading partners