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Integrated Monitoring

Cut the cost with real-time integrated monitoring software to all your valuable products



rfxcel’s Integrated Monitoring (rIM) solution, powered by Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, gathers real-time data to help streamline your supply chain, improve delivery and address compliance requirements by remotely monitoring your critical assets. Never wonder again about the status of your products or if they are being treated according to product safety regulations – track any data point with rIM.


rfxcel Integrated Monitoring provides a rich set of monitoring capabilities to track a diverse set of industry needs.

The healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries have some of the most complex and highly regulated supply chains systems. Ensuring the safety, quality, and timely delivery of products can be a life or death concern. The costs associated with these efforts are rising and it’s becoming harder to proactively monitor the supply chain without innovation and technology. rfxcel addresses these supply chain challenges with its IoT technology for the Integrated Monitoring Software.

Based on the latest IoT technology, rfxcel enables live monitoring of products in the supply chain. With this technology, companies in any industry can now take corrective action in real time instead of discovering the issue after it is too late. The real-time nature of rIM provides the opportunity for cost savings and competitive differentiations.

rfxcel envrionmental monitoring diagram


Internet of Things (IoT) devices are engineered to connect to the internet and transmit data about their surroundings. Equipped with sensors that utilize cellular networks and actuators that can actually change their environments, IoT is the final step, and perhaps the most crucial step to total supply chain continuity, visibility, and productivity.

Pairing devices with shipments to glean real-time information about products as they make their way to their destinations saves savvy companies time, money, and loss from theft and environmental threats. Additionally, those companies that think beyond shipping and learn to utilize the data created by IoT to anticipate their customers’ needs will become the leaders in their industry, shaving time and costs off of customer interactions, while simultaneously improving their customers’ experiences.

rEM Sensor for Enviornmental Monitoring
rfxcel’s Integrated Monitoring Ties Crucial Product Information with Sensor Devices

rfxcel Integrated Monitoring combines both serialization and cold chain monitoring to effectively manage assets through the supply chain while improving efficiencies and reducing loss. By tying a product’s serial number to an Integrated Monitoring device/sensor, rfxcel is able to provide unit and lot level data about a product, which provides visibility into a product at the lowest level. Imagine being able to view in real time a product’s exposure to heat or cold, or being able to use the data gathered by the device to maximize route efficiencies, change shippers or detect theft of diversion.


“The uses of rfxcel Integrated Monitoring for food, pharma, cosmetics, art and luxury goods are endless.” says Atul Mohidekar, CTO at rfxcel.

The uses for rfxcel Integrated Monitoring in virtually any industry are endless, but there are obvious synergies between the need for environmental monitoring and products prone to spoilage, contamination and diversion.  For instance, in the United States, the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) regulates the conditions in which foods are grown, harvested, and processed. In the pharmaceutical industry, the US – Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) will require total end to end traceability. And paired with T3 data (Transaction History, Transaction Information, Transaction Statement) the traceability is even more powerful and diversion becomes next to impossible.

Whether it is a direct consumable or ingredient, accurate control over the product is critical for maintaining quality and safety. The ability to tie a product from its creation via the serial number and line in which it was manufactured, and its shipment in real-time, means that industries can track and recall products more efficiently and maybe even head off contaminated products before it is introduced to market ­– saving time, money, and lives.


Integrated Monitoring Leading Edge Technology
Leading Edge Technology

rfxcel Integrated Monitoring leverages the very latest IoT technology practices. rfxcel Integrated Monitoring combines a cloud based traceability platform with real-time alert notifications and unit level tracking of assets. rfxcel has partnered with leading sensor device manufactures to provide targeted solutions that meet the broad range of requirements in pharma, food & beverage, high value goods, military & government etc.

Integrated Monitoring - Actionable Technology
Actionable Technology

Previously, cold-chain monitoring was “passive” in design and technology. rfxcel Integrated Monitoring technology provides real time information that allows organizations to act before a product is damaged. With rfxcel Integrated Monitoring technology, customers can know the real-time location of a shipment and what is contained in the shipment down to the unit level for proactive quality control, loss prevention and responding before product environmental restrictions are exceeded.

Integrated Monitoring - Data Consolidation
Data Consolidation

rfxcel Integrated Monitoring technology provides a consolidated, real‐time view of aggregated and/or individual items by combing location information, environmental data and serialized reports.



Recognized for “Leadership & Innovation” by Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) for innovative collaborations between distributors and manufactures to enhance processes, reduce cost, leverage advanced technologies or logistical practices. Recipients are models for leadership and innovation in the pharmaceutical distribution industry and demonstrate the power of successful trading partner relationships.


Our mission is to develop solutions for our customers to derive additional value beyond compliance. We understand that our customers are making a significant investment to become compliant with today’s laws and regulations. rfxcel continuously monitors incoming data to ensure data quality, and help you to harness quality data for better business intelligence. Our focus on value and quality means better business outcomes and lower supply chain costs for our customers.

rfxcel is committed to supporting industry standards. Our solutions are designed in accordance with the internationally accepted ANSI/ISA S95 standard. Our software is hosted in the cloud in a single tenant environment providing our customers with full control. Customers are never forced to accept upgrades, and upgrades are always done in concert with our customers to ensure continuity of your supply chain operations.

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