rfxcel Compliance Management - Measure and Report Your Risks

Compliance Management Solution

rfxcel Compliance Management (rCM)

rCM is a compliance management solution that identifies, measures and reports on compliance risk. With rCM you can develop a framework to manage regulatory breaches and control failures in one single location.

With rCM you can:

  • Combine your local, national and global regulatory and compliance programs
  • Streamline your reporting requirements
  • Understand your all your risks
  • Track data to better manage risk
  • Focus on value-add assurance activities and strategic decision-making with data analytics
  • Monitor inefficiencies/problems to initiate changes as needed

We take your data and information very seriously and because of that our customers are hosted in a private cloud in single tenant environments. We believe that all solutions providers need to be ‘vendor compliant’.

We consistently evaluate that rCM are ‘vendor compliant’ systems by aligning our platform with compliance directives and risks based on the products, services, markets and countries with which customers interact. We examine industry standards as well as public discussions about the compliance directives.

rfxcel is committed to earn your trust by supporting an effective compliance audit, and mostly supporting you with your compliance audit by giving you a system that is compliant with the regulations, and with your organization’s complexity and size.

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