rfxcel Integrated Monitoring - Real Time Tracking of High Value Assets
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rfxcel Environmental Monitoring (rEM)

rfxcel Integrated Monitoring (rIM)

Track any high-value assets in near real-time

In today’s economy, it’s important to have control of their products in the supply chain. And digital monitoring the vehicles, equipment, products and other key assets keep businesses operations efficient and provide quality experiences. Companies want to have near real-time data insights to make better, more informed decisions, driving improved operational efficiencies, fast issue identification and resolution, and cost control.

With rIM, data is sent from connected products through IoT technology to streamline logistics and help your business keep products moving efficiently and deliveries on schedule.

  • Get alerts when assets are moved or other preset parameters such as temperature and humidity are exceeded, or location gets out of GPS coordinates.
  • Save time and resources by tracking location, movement and status of your products in transition.
  • Always Increase brand quality by safeguarding and tracking products across your supply chain.
  • Increase customer and employee experiences.

Live monitoring of traceable inputs such as:

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rfxcel branding tilt traceable input image
rfxcel shock/vibration traceable input image
rfxcel humidity drop/percentage branded image
rfxcel speed traceable input - pointing arrow
rfxcel traceable input pressure gauge
rfxcel traceable input arrows in motion