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rfxcel Solution Receives HDA Distribution Management Award

San Ramon, CA March 6, 2018 – rfxcel, the world’s leader in supply chain track and trace for the Pharmaceutical industry is one of two companies recognized by the HDA (Healthcare Distribution Alliance) for “…:efforts to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and safety of the healthcare supply chain through successful trading partner initiatives.”

“The award highlights innovative collaborations between distributors and manufacturers that enhance processes, reduce costs and leverage advanced technologies or logistical practices. Recipients are models for leadership and innovation in the pharmaceutical distribution industry and demonstrate the power of successful trading partner relationships .“ HDA Distribution Management Award

rfxcel’s Environmental Monitoring (EM) solution, was awarded Merit Finalist by the HDA for our work to enable real-time visibility of the Pharmaceutical supply chain via IOT (Internet of Things) technology.  The EM solution was piloted with a global manufacturer to track high-value pharmaceutical shipments – delivering real-time location and temperature data across 24 domestic and international locations.

“We at rfxcel are extremely excited about this award from the HDA.  It is recognition not only of our innovation but our commitment to partnering with the HDA and other industry leaders.” said, Glenn Abood, CEO of rfxcel.  

During the pilot, the rfxcel EM solution identified temperature excursions in real-time and alerted the manufacturer to these risks.  This allowed the manufacturer to take immediate action with their logistics provider and protect the integrity of their products. The solution also identified shipments which were improperly delivered to holding locations that were not approved to handle the products.  These improper deliveries were corrected in real-time avoiding potential damage to the high-value products.

“Today, many pharmaceutical companies are focused on meeting near-term serialization and compliance requirements such as Europe’s FMD (Falsified Medicines Directive), United State’s DSCSA (Drug Supply Chain Security Act), and many other governmental requirements. Our EM solution allows companies to extend the value of their compliance and serialization investment to gain new business value that was previously unavailable. Many companies talk about ‘Value Beyond Compliance’ but today, we have demonstrated that we can deliver on this commitment.” said Jack Tarkoff, Chief Strategy Officer of rfxcel.

As the pioneer and leader in traceability solutions for the Life Sciences industry, rfxcel provides its customers with a robust and sophisticated platform with a low total-cost-of-ownership. The EMVO certification – combined with a recent $30M growth capital infusion, the acquisition of Frequentz assets, and important key hires in Europe – widens the Company’s lead as the most versatile player in the industry.

To learn more about the HDA Distribution Management Award, visit:https://www.hda.org/about/industry-recognition/dma

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