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rfxcel Begins Verification Router Service Pilot for the FDA

Reno, NV July 9, 2019 — rfxcel, the global leader in supply chain compliance and serialization solutions, has begun a pilot for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to extend the testing of the Verification Router Service (VRS) for saleable returns.

The VRS specifications outline interoperability standards that enable a network of VRS providers to meet the 2019 saleable returns requirements of the Drug Quality and Security Act (DSCSA). Working together, the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) and pharmaceutical stakeholders defined the VRS standards and tested the VRS network to confirm readiness for the upcoming requirements.

rfxcel’s FDA-approved pilot is structured to enable transparency and open testing. A key and unique aspect of the pilot is that rfxcel will share the details of its VRS test cases with all VRS providers to ensure they have a common detailed set of test cases. rfxcel will work with the providers to verify the test conditions to enable maximum readiness of the VRS network across all VRS providers.

“We are excited to continue the effort started by the HDA, and we are honored to be conducting the FDA VRS pilot,” said rfxcel CEO Glenn Abood. “The pilot seeks to measure and ensure the seamless interoperability between VRS providers across a broad range of use cases. Complete and consistent verification of the use cases is critical to successfully meeting the DSCSA saleable returns requirement.”

rfxcel is working with pharmaceutical supply chain partners of all sizes to extend the testing to ensure that all edge-cases are verified and ensure that interoperability readiness is quantified.

The rfxcel VRS pilot started in June; it will expand throughout the coming months and conclude before the end of the year. To learn more about rfxcel or participate in its VRS pilot please, contact us at /contact-rfxcel/.

Herb Wong, VP of Marketing



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