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rfxcel Traceability System – Software Release 6.0

rfxcel Traceability System 6.0:  New Traceability Solution Delivers Improved User Experience and Performance

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rfxcel, the leader in Life Science track and trace, and compliance systems, today announced the release of rfxcel Traceability System (rTS) 6.0.  The new traceability software delivers increased usability and performance which is powered by the new rTS 6.0 architecture and technology stack.

rfxcel Traceability System 6.0 is built upon an enhanced architecture that provides greater scalability; allowing new features to be quickly added.  The new product gives users improved visibility into their supply chain via a new, highly responsive user interface (UI) and enhanced report features. Better search capabilities, menu navigation, event relationships, event notifications and alerts, and user configuration options have been added as part of the functional and UI improvements.  rTS 6.0 has been further optimized to deliver up to 3X performance improvement for critical processes.

“rTS 6.0’s cutting-edge architecture makes fast, easy data insight a reality for all customers. We’re incredibly proud of the work the rfxcel team has done to deliver this game-changing serialization and compliance technology, and most importantly, make it a seamless upgrade for our customers. rfxcel brings increased visibility and flexibility to supply chain traceability and product serialization, making data more assessable than ever before.” – Atul Mohidekar Chief Technology Officer at rfxcel.

The rTS 6.0 platform is designed to simplify and accelerate how customers can meet their compliance, serialization and track and trace requirements. By leveraging a new architecture and optimization techniques, customers can be confident that their investment will meet their current obligations and scale to meet their future needs.

About rfxcel:

rfxcel is the leading provider of SaaS-based track and trace solutions. Their platform enables companies to protect patients, comply with regulatory mandates, and gain visibility into their supply chain. rfxcel’s relentless commitment to customer success and continuous innovation ensures that companies can meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.

rfxcel Serialization Implementation Plan (Full Interview)

Learn more about rfxcel’s serialization implementation plan:

About the speakers:

Rose Campasano, Vice President of Professional Services at rfxcel, is a collaborative leader with over 20 years of IT leadership experience encompassing infrastructure, applications, and business processes. She focuses on nurturing long-lasting, trusted partnerships with rfxcel clients and their integration partners.  She excels at employee motivation and coaching demonstrated by a high performing team.

Herb Wong, Vice President of Marketing at rfxcel, is responsible for defining the rfxcel product roadmap and marketing strategy. He also ensures the coordination of rfxcel’s marketing message and product offering and provides leads and collateral for Sales team members.

Rose and Herb talk about the rfxcel Serialization Implementation Plan, how it is structured, configured, and implemented. By utilizing industry best practices, and understanding the needs of the clients, Rose implements rfxcel’s end-to-end traceability solution with a full-service approach and mindset.

Rose looks at validation from an auditor’s perspective which enables her to gain insight into the best practices. This approach minimizes risks of not having a good validation plan, a method which she coaches the rest of her team. rfxcel has a global Professional Service team structured by technical project managers who are responsible for a full project plan, and IT professionals who look at customer’s partner connections and integrations.

“We want our customers to recognize that we have a tremendous amount of integrity in what we do and we are there through every step of the process. We at rfxcel understand the importance of validation and qualification for pharmaceutical companies. It is important to understand how the relationship between trading partners and who is the owner of that relationship. Once we understand the structure of those relationships, it helps us understand how to configure our customer’s system.” says Rose.

On the first day of any onboarding kickoff, we make sure we understand your business plan to start a new or build on the existing implementation process of your company. Since we’ve been doing this for so many implementations over the last fourteen years, we have a standard set of documentation, templates, that we’re using. We have a set of user requirements that are well defined for the industry and make the implementation process seamless. At the kickoff meeting we’re already bringing you a development system that looks like yours, a system already ready for you. We have recipes already built in for the serialization. This approach ensures customers to know the implementation roadmap, what to expect and how rfxcel will support them in every step of the road.

rfxcel Serialization Implementation Plan is easily configured according to your specific needs and demands. Our team is with you through every step of the process and we offer support during the entire time you are using our services. To help you get a detailed idea of our Serialization Implementation Plan, we have segmented this interview and discussed our Plan in 8 segments:

  1. Have an Implementation Serialization Plan with rfxcel
  2. Serialization Implementation Plan based on Audit Needs
  3. Serialization Implementation Team from Start to Finish
  4. Global Serialization Implementation Team for Global Customers
  5. A Serialization Solution Provider Focused on the Long Term Relationship
  6. Common Challenges in Serialization Implementations
  7. Implementation kick off with rfxcel
  8. Switching Serialization Providers