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rfxcel Traceability System – Software Release 6.0

rfxcel Traceability System 6.0:  New Traceability Solution Delivers Improved User Experience and Performance

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rfxcel, the leader in Life Science track and trace, and compliance systems, today announced the release of rfxcel Traceability System (rTS) 6.0.  The new traceability software delivers increased usability and performance which is powered by the new rTS 6.0 architecture and technology stack.

rfxcel Traceability System 6.0 is built upon an enhanced architecture that provides greater scalability; allowing new features to be quickly added.  The new product gives users improved visibility into their supply chain via a new, highly responsive user interface (UI) and enhanced report features. Better search capabilities, menu navigation, event relationships, event notifications and alerts, and user configuration options have been added as part of the functional and UI improvements.  rTS 6.0 has been further optimized to deliver up to 3X performance improvement for critical processes.

“rTS 6.0’s cutting-edge architecture makes fast, easy data insight a reality for all customers. We’re incredibly proud of the work the rfxcel team has done to deliver this game-changing serialization and compliance technology, and most importantly, make it a seamless upgrade for our customers. rfxcel brings increased visibility and flexibility to supply chain traceability and product serialization, making data more assessable than ever before.” – Atul Mohidekar Chief Technology Officer at rfxcel.

The rTS 6.0 platform is designed to simplify and accelerate how customers can meet their compliance, serialization and track and trace requirements. By leveraging a new architecture and optimization techniques, customers can be confident that their investment will meet their current obligations and scale to meet their future needs.

About rfxcel:

rfxcel is the leading provider of SaaS-based track and trace solutions. Their platform enables companies to protect patients, comply with regulatory mandates, and gain visibility into their supply chain. rfxcel’s relentless commitment to customer success and continuous innovation ensures that companies can meet today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.