MMCAP 2019 Vendor Trade Show

We are excited to partner with MMCAP. The Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) is a free, voluntary group purchasing organization for government facilities that provide healthcare services.

2019 Distribution Management Conference and Expo

The Distribution Management Conference (DMC) and Expo is HDA’s largest supply chain education event, attended by more than 600 manufacturers, distributors, consultants and third parties who keep the pharmaceutical distribution industry moving. The conference immerses attendees in topics related to the healthcare supply chain, and provides a forum to engage in operational and strategic discussions.


Pharma Integrates 2018

Pharma Integrates 2018

Pharma Integrates is a unique event bringing together key industry leaders across the Pharmaceutical pipeline to share insights and create debate on crucial topics that influence the future of patient outcomes. Building on a successful 2017, with a presence of more than 90 prestigious speakers and 350 senior industry executives, the event is moving to a larger venue in Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London, UK.


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Regulations are finally being met, but is that the end of the serialisation story? The panel will explore the potential endpoints of track-and-trace technology and what serialisation can offer the industry beyond data collection.

View Full Agenda HERE

11th BSMA Conference

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Join executives from companies such as Amgen, Baxter, Bayer, BioMarin, Exelixis, Illumina, Roche-Genentech, Gilead Sciences, Gritstone, Kite Pharma, Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Shire, Biogen, and many more that participate. Almost all top global biopharma companies are represented on the Advisory Board of BSMA. You will network with 300+ VP’s and executives of the Life Sciences industry, coming from USA, Europe and India.


  • On Demand Supply Chain for Personalized Medicine
  • Building the Link Between Clinical and Commercialization
  • Industry 360° – Advancing the Efficiency and Intelligence of the Biotech Supply Chain”
  • Strategic Sourcing to Address Tariffs and Integrating Global QA Management With Manufacturing Site Requirements
  • Digitalization of Supply Chain – Best practices and Use Cases from Leading Edge Companies
  • Building an Operational Data Hub for Advanced Data Analytics for business Transformation
  • Pivoting Product, Manufacturing and Quality Data Into the Cloud
  • Technology and Best Practices and Strategies that Create Efficient Global Clinical Supply Logistics”
  • IoT-driven Technology: Producing Disruption for Progress
  • How to develop new risk management techniques and procedures?
  • Temperature-Controlled and Cold Chain Supply Chain: Proven Technologies and Practices


This event is Hosted by Bio Supply Management Alliance, check out the full agenda HERE.

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HDA 2018 Traceability Seminar

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The HDA 2018 Traceability Seminar brings together healthcare supply chain leaders to learn more about upcoming Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) implementation milestones as well as innovative approaches and lessons learned as distributors, manufacturers and dispensers implement serialization and traceability technologies to further preserve the safety and security of the healthcare supply chain.

Real-time visibility in the supply chain is a strategic area of innovation at rfxcel. rfxcel can help you with the challenges and triumphs involved in assessing, selecting, and installing an “extreme visibility” platform over the next few months. Our goal is to use this platform to have up-to-the-minute information on global events that could impact our supply chain, and provide this information to groups across the corporation.