Value beyond compliance with IoT technology -

Value beyond compliance with IoT technology

Watch a short interview with rfxcel’s Mark Davison and Atul Mohidekar to learn more about Value beyond compliance with IoT technology. Contact us for a quick demo and case studies on rfxcel’s IoT technology.

Mark Davison, Senior Operations Director – Europe, rfxcel

Mark Davison started rfxcel’s EU and Russia operations and is responsible for devising regional strategies, hiring, and managing growth. He made Medicine Maker Magazine’s Power List of 100 most influential people in pharma manufacturing and development. Mark provides particular expertise in anti-counterfeiting technologies, authentication, serialization, traceability and vendor selection. Now he broadening his experience about value beyond compliance with IoT technology.

Atul Mohidekar, Chief Technology Officer, rfxcel

Atul Mohidekar is known for his extensive technical expertise in Big Data and is exceptionally skilled in designing highly scalable IoT solutions. Atul is adept at identifying and harnessing data to complement highly configurable IoT devices for event identification and processing for real-time analytics and data mining.

In this interview, Mark and Atul discuss the value of IoT technology to derive value from the vast amounts of data gathered through compliance efforts. Mining the data gathered through compliance efforts provides companies and organizations with the opportunity to gain new insights and complement IoT efforts with on-demand track and trace and event-driven decision making.

rfxcel Traceability Software (rTS) and in particular our Environmental Monitoring solution (rEM) are designed to monitor and track events in real-time and provide information such as location, temperature, humidity, light, and pressure. With the help of rfxcel, companies can track and trace products immediately and gain unprecedented product insights at even the unit level.  This breakthrough in supply chain technologies provides companies and organizations the ability to monitor the health of cold-chain products, deter theft and fraud, optimize supply chain operations, and manage recalls and returns more efficiently.

Watch and learn more today about the exciting new application of IoT to enhance supply chain operations and take them to next level!