Vaccine Track and Trace Software: Efficient Immunization Processes

Vaccine Track & Trace Software with rfxcel’s Accurate Immunization Management (AIM) System

Ensure safety and transparency across your vaccine supply chain

  • Unit-level, end-to-end traceability
  • Accurate, real-time data monitoring
  • Automated, cloud-based system
  • Immediate identification of problems
  • Streamlined integration of healthcare applications
  • Increased efficiency
  • Optimized safety for patients and healthcare workers

rfxcel and the worldwide response to
vaccine supply chain traceability and safety

Vaccine supply chain traceability and safety is more important than ever. With the pandemic, there is a global mandate to ensure vaccines are safe, effective, and delivered on time. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry must combat counterfeits, theft, and diversion.

Meeting these demands means securing the vaccine supply chain and optimizing traceability to every corner of the world. And rfxcel is helping. Early in the pandemic, we joined the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, which brings together leading organizations in healthcare, technology, academia, the nonprofit sector, and government in response to the novel coronavirus. We are supporting the Coalition’s Supply Chain Working Group.

In addition to our AIM solution, we offer our award-winning rfxcel Traceability System. This digital track and trace platform provides key features to secure any supply chain, including full serialization, end-to-end traceability and visibility, environmental monitoring, data analytics, inventory control, and recall management. Yes, we can track vaccines, but we can also track testing kits, personal protective equipment (PPE) — anything the pharmaceutical industry needs to support healthcare professionals and patients.

A vaccine track and trace solution provider that
meets vaccine supply chain demands

Scarcity of supplies coupled with increased demand means pharmaceutical companies need a comprehensive, feature-rich solution like AIM.

  • Real-time, unit-level traceability and visibility
  • Ability to identify and mitigate problems immediately
  • End-to-end communication and data collection
  • Automated data entry for more efficient operations
  • Accurate administrating

rfxcel’s Accurate Immunization Management (AIM) System can help by:

  • Seamless integration with healthcare applications, including Immunization Information Systems (IIS) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs).
  • Inventory monitoring
  • Managing accurate administering
  • Providing the ability for healthcare workers to view patient immunization records in real time
  • Having an automated system that requires no training and ensures fast and efficient implementation

A vaccine track and trace system that
ensures a seamless supply chain, from start to finish

MANUFACTURING MANAGEMENT ACCURATE VACCINE ADMINISTRATION VACCINE SHIPMENT INVENTORY MANAGEMENT ENSURE A SEAMLESS SUPPLY CHAIN Safety Security Visibility Cloud-Based System rfxcel’s cloud-based system syncs with healthcare systems and centralizes important information for an efficient, streamlined experience. Vial-Level Serialization AIM can serialize vaccines down to the individual vial, making it possible to accurately track every vaccine in the supply chain. Timely, Accurate Distribution AIM is fully automated. The result? An efficient system that ensures the right patient get the right vaccine at the right time. With our Accurate Immunization Management (AIM) system, you are equipped to manage scarcity and demand, while creating a safe, secure supply chain that is completely traceable.

Get the support you need from our experts at rfxcel

  • Fast deployment by a dedicated rfxcel team
  • Customizable to meet your exact needs
  • Seamless integration with critical healthcare applications such as Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and Immunization Information Systems (IIS)
  • Quick, straightforward training
  • Simple user interface for full visualization of inventory

    rfxcel Vaccine Product Dashboard

    AIM gives you total control over your
    vaccine supply chain and inventory management

    Provides complete order history & audit trail

    Know every detail about the vaccines you have in stock.

    Manages order exceptions

    Know if a shipment is delayed or compromised and take corrective actions.

    Auto re-order functionality based on clinic-specific ordering & expiration alerts

    Take the guesswork out of inventory management and always know the status of your stock.

    Tracks product shipments, current inventory, overdue refills, refills on order

    AIM is an all-in-one, automated solution that safeguards the supply chain, healthcare workers, and patients.

    rfxcel Traceability System and AIM are critical components of the vaccine supply chain and its distribution needs. As your vaccine track and trace solution provider, we integrate into all your systems and devices to help you focus on what’s most important — saving lives.

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