Using Track & Trace Software When Shipping Food Internationally

How Track & Trace Software Can Help You Ship Food Internationally

With the world’s population at 7.7 billion and counting, the food industry needs to make sure it’s doing everything it can to secure its supply chains. On top of all the hard work this requires, food suppliers and shippers are held accountable for the quality and safety of their goods.

The problem is that food can encounter an array of complications on its journey, whether it’s across a state or across the world. It can spoil because of inadequate storage conditions. Packaging can get damaged. Bad actors might try to tamper with it or steal it. The list goes on.

However, with powerful track and trace software monitoring your supply chain, shipping food worldwide becomes much easier and less risky. Let’s look at some of the benefits of using track and trace software when shipping food internationally.

Accurate Supply Chain Data Builds Consumer Trust

Modern consumers are very picky when it comes to food, and rightly so. Most are looking for healthy alternatives such as organic vegetables and grass-fed beef, as well as eco-friendly options from sustainable growers and ethically sourced free-range products.

A transparent supply chain is the best way to ensure your customers that your products are exactly as they’re described on the label. Track and trace software provides just that. This is especially important when you’re trying to break into a new market or competing with big, established brands.

Using track and trace software, a food company that has nothing to hide can show a product’s entire journey — from the farm to packaging plants to warehouses and all the way to their customers’ tables. Customers will trust these products and recommend them to others.

Track & Trace Ensures Maximum Safety

A lot of things can go wrong with a shipment. When we’re talking about food, there’s always the risk that a defective, improperly stored, or expired product might harm consumers.

Most countries have strict government oversight and regulations for food, and the only way to ensure that your inventory is compliant and completely safe is to have the right software.

Track and trace software allows you to guarantee that your freshly harvested products comply with all regulations and remain in their optimal state throughout the shipping process.

With the complete end-to-end traceability offered by rfxcel’s Integrated Monitoring (rIM) solution. you can sleep easy knowing that your supply chain is running smoothly. You can monitor more than a dozen environmental factors, such as temperature, light, and tilt, in real time, ensuring that all the food you ship gets to your customers safely and looking (and tasting) like it should. You can monitor at a top-level — case, pallet, or truck — and track at an item level. rIM also ensures you’ll be compliant with government regulations, no matter where you’re doing business.

Spot Issues Instantly & Solve Them Quickly

Track and trace software empowers you to be proactive about your supply chain management. If there’s a problem, you’ll get an alert. For example, if you identify a problem at a supplier or warehouse, you can fix it before the food gets a chance to reach consumers and damage your brand’s reputation.

When you have a real-time overview of everything from raw materials in different storage facilities to the supply chain as a whole, it’s easy to lock down any defective or compromised goods in your inventory. Recalls and audits become a straightforward affair, and you can contain any problems well before they have a chance to turn into something bigger.

You can also create highly detailed reports about any incidents within minutes and use all the data you’ve gathered to set up fail-safes to avoid similar situations in the future.

In the modern way of doing business, there’s no room for mistakes and poorly managed data. A track and trace software solution offers excellent traceability of food products, ensuring maximum safety and efficiency.

Track and trace with rIM gives you deep, real-time insight into all your processes and the power to deal with any issues as they arise, all of which can help you when shipping food internationally. Get started today with rfxcel!

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