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Serialization Software

Serialize with the industry’s most advanced serialization software.

Governments around the world are defining new initiatives and enacting laws to reduce the proliferation of counterfeit drugs. Using serialization as a foundational requirement, governments are enacting electronic systems to identify and trace prescription drugs as they are manufactured and distributed. Depending on the government, these regulatory requirements will apply to manufacturers, re-packagers, wholesale distributors, dispensers and third-party logistics providers.

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Supply Chain Visibility Software

Track and Trace any products across the supply chain with rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software

Today, companies must communicate with various trading partners across global boundaries. Maintaining visibility and control over this supply chains continue to increase in scope and complexity. rfxcel addresses these complexities with rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software. Built on top of our robust Track & Trace platform, rfxcel Supply Chain Visibility Software module provides full visibility of the product supply chain: from the incorporation of ingredients used in the manufacturing process to the distribution of the final product to the end consumer.

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Integrated Monitoring Software (rIM)

Cut the Cost with Real-Time Visibility to your Critical Shipments

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industry has one of the most complex and highly regulated supply chains systems. Ensuring the safety, quality and timely delivery of products can be a life or death concern. The costs associated with these efforts are rising and it’s becoming harder to proactively monitor the supply chain without innovation and technology.

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