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rfxcel to Demo Track & Trace Tech at PMA Fresh Summit

October 9, 2019. Members of rfxcel’s Food and Beverage Team will be at the PMA Fresh Summit 2019 to talk about the changing landscape of food production, distribution, and marketing, and how companies that harness supply chain data will win the future.

The team will showcase rfxcel’s latest track and trace innovations, including its signature rfxcel Traceability System (rTS), an improved rfxcel MobileTraceability app, and the rfxcel Integrated Monitoring (rIM) solution. These products work together to yield real-time validated data at the unit, case, pallet, and lot levels. They harness mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the most complete view of your production while ensuring you are always compliant with regulators and your customers.

“We have always enjoyed the PMA Fresh Summit 2019,” said rfxcel CEO Glenn Abood. “This year, we’re focusing on the power and importance of data, and we’re especially excited because we’ll be showing technology that’s tailor-made for the food and beverage industry. For example, our rIM solution yields an array of rich data, from cut-to-cool time to in-transit conditions on land, sea, and air. And our rfxcel MobileTraceability app enables any user to execute full supply chain visibility from the palm of their hand and from any location.”

rfxcel’s MobileTraceability app captures and reports data when and where it happens. Currently available for Android devices and most handheld mobile scanners, it lets users see everything, everywhere — in the field, at the dock, on the production floor. It can create new events such as quality inspection results so users can capture non-traditional traceability data or create/track the workflow that best suits their business needs. Expect an iOS version in the near future.

The Food and Beverage Team will be running a live demo of rfxcel’s powerful rIM solution. Using IoT-enabled sensors and the power of rTS, rIM captures critical data about more than a dozen environmental conditions (e.g., temperature, humidity, light, tilt) and sends real-time updates for 24/7 monitoring of perishable goods. rIM is more than cold-chain monitoring: It’s a sensor-agnostic solution that can be configured to solve the unique challenges of any supply chain.

Attendees can also request a demo of the rTS platform, which has been proven in the strict regulatory environment of the pharmaceutical industry, where bad data can threaten more than business — it can threaten lives. rTS features a best-in-class serialization solution and can track units, cases, pallets, and lots. The demo will show how rTS tracks all raw material lots as they travel from different farms to a central processing facility and are transformed into a new product for distribution.

“It’s an exciting time at rfxcel,” Abood said. “Our data capabilities are exciting; there is so much technology coming to food supply chains as companies realize the value of visibility. We unify all of those initiatives into a single platform. Be sure to stop by Booth 4829 to see what we can do.”

To learn more about rfxcel’s MobileTraceability app, rIM, rTS, and the company’s other innovative track and trace solutions, see us at the PMA Fresh Summit 2019 on October 17-19, contact Herb Wong, or visit rfxcel.com.

Herb Wong, VP of Marketing




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