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rfxcel offers a full stack of track and trace software for pharmaceuticals, produce, food and beverage, and seafood, with a team designated for your needs. It's easy to use, scalable and reliable.

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Data Matters in Serialization (Part 1 of 6): Value Beyond Compliance
Data Matters in Serialization (Part 1 of 6) - Value Beyond Compliance
Making food safer, one oyster at a time: Ag Tech in Action Ward Aquafarms
Environmental Monitoring & Serialization

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Russia 2020: A Guide to Supply Chain Compliance

Everyone has a story. Here is ours.
Brazil Track & Trace Requirements & Latest Updates
Brazil is the largest economy in Latin America. In May 2022, it will join Russia, the EU, and many other counties in mandating serialization in its pharma supply chain.

Data Matters in Serialization (Part 1 of 6) – Value Beyond Compliance