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rfxcel Traceability System (rTS): An elegant, scalable solution for complete supply chain traceability, visibility, and rich, actionable data.

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We empower businesses to master their supply chains with real-time data, traceability, environmental monitoring, and compliance. Explore what we can do for you.

Full Supply Chain Control with rfxcel’s Traceability System (rTS)

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Protect your supply chain with rfxcel Traceability System (rTS)

rTS is a full-stack product suite that empowers you to see deeply in your supply chain in real time from anywhere in the world. Its easy-to-use, scalable solutions can be used individually or together as a seamless whole to support a comprehensive supply chain traceability, visibility, and data-gathering strategy that secures, aligns, and accelerates your operations. With easy, customizable integration and a secured global network, you’ll be fully connected with thousands of partners and in full control of your products.

Key Benefits


  • End-to-end, unit-level traceability secures your products and market share
  • Rich data at unit and aggregate levels empowers decision-making and analytics
  • Improve logistics through Geo-location, date/time, environmental antecedents, and Transition Events (CTEs)


  • Integrate and adapt with emerging technologies (e.g., IoT, blockchain, data analytics)
  • Automate and digitize your workflow
  • Increase value with business intelligence and data
  • Consolidate data to improve processes, outcomes, and product quality


  • Reduce costs with an optimized supply chain
  • Full-service implementation and support
  • No need to hire additional IT staff


  • Always be compliant, no matter where you do business
  • Immediate compliance with powerful software
  • Automated reports to government and other stakeholders