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Abdi Ibrahim Selects rfxcel for FMD Compliance

San Ramon, CA August 2, 2018 – Abdi Ibrahim, the Turkish pharmaceutical industry leader, has carefully selected rfxcel to implement and support new compliance management and serialisation processing software to ensure full compliance with current and future international legislative requirements ahead of the 2019 EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) deadline.


Abdi Ibrahim, founded in 1912, began as a small pharmacy that has since grown into the leader of Turkey’s pharmaceutical industry, holding the largest product portfolio within the sector and operating in 10 countries outside of Turkey. Today, Abdi Ibrahim’s portfolio exceeds 180 brands and more than 350 products which it exports to 50 countries ranging from Canada to the European Union member states, from North Africa to Asia.


With the February 2019 FMD deadline fast approaching, Abdi Ibrahim needed a solutions provider that would enable them to become compliant in time for the FMD deadline, but additionally would fulfil their need for new, modern technological operations with data integrity at their core.


After an in depth review, analysing several industry products and providers, Adbi Ibrahim selected rfxcel due to the solution’s rich functionality as well as the company’s Single Tenant private cloud deployment, its full-service implementation methodology, flexibility and speed and competitive pricing.


Rumeysa Tanrikulu, Information Systems Supervisor at Abdi Ibrahim explains, “It was really important for us to implement a software solution that was single-tenant rather than multi-tenant. rfxcel was one of the only single tenant providers that offered a bespoke service at a reasonable cost. What’s more, the team at rfxcel was direct, clear and extremely helpful, answering all the questions we threw at them.”


She adds, “The team was friendly and driven not by the sale, but by the benefit they could bring to the business. For us, given the weight of responsibility we feel we carry in improving the health of the population we serve, their company ethos was very much aligned to ours. So far, our relationship has been honest, collaborative and we have full visibility of the implementation process that will help ensure not only regulatory compliance, but a future-proof supply chain that is built upon the foundation of data quality.”


Adbi Ibrahim is currently mid-implementation with aims for the compliance management and serialisation processing software to be live during October 2018.


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