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Traceability in HDA

rfxcel has been a member of the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA) post the enactment of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) in 2013. The law nulled all previous pedigree requirements to unify track and trace requirements of prescription medications distributed throughout the United States.

HDA represents 34 distribution companies, 145 manufacturer and 50 service providers in the US and International markets. Partnering with HDA means connecting with more than 200,000 licensed health care providers . However, It is not the size of the organization that matters, it is the mission.

Since 1876, HDA has been working to protect patient safety through securing the supply chain and advocating for public policies and business processes. The healthcare supply chain already relies on rfxcel for secure serialization, data management, and reporting, so partnering with HDA to deliver an industry ecosystem is well aligned with our expertise and strategic vision. HDA has been essential in providing a network of industry leaders to partner with. rfxcel understood early on that partnering with others would add value to the company as well as its customers.


DSCSA objectives:

  • Establish unit-level traceability requirements for the entire supply chain with 10 years  
  • Issue standards across states and enhance federal & state authority to issue licenses
  • Initiate processes for identifying suspicious and illegitimate products

rfxcel objectives:

  • Promptly solve current and imminent supply chain business demands
  • Support open collaboration within the supply chain ecosystem
  • Adapt to customers and their business processes
  • Provide a complete compliance solution for the supply chain

HDA recently completed a pilot study to examine different methods of verifying product identifiers for distributors and manufacturers in the supply chain. The close partnership with HDA and technical advancement is helping rfxcel to conduct and understand the technologies and processes required to implement future DSCSA requirements. rfxcel customers will always be ready to meet compliance today and tomorrow.

rfxcel continues to support the HDA. rfXcel will be at the 2017 HDA Education: Traceability Seminar November 8-10, 2017 in Renaissance Washington, DC where rfXcel will be sponsoring and exhibiting.

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