Serialization and Validation with rfxcel (Part 1 of 3) -

Serialization and Validation with rfxcel (Part 1 of 3)

Watch the short interview with Mark and Amit to learn more about managing compliance with various traceability regulations with rfxcel. Contact us for a quick demo.

MARK DAVISON: Head of Europe for rfxcel Corporation – a global leader in traceability solutions. He has started EU and Russia operations for rfxcel, devising the regional strategy, hiring staff and managing fast growth. He was voted onto Medicine Maker magazine’s Power List of 100 most influential people in pharma manufacturing and development. He has technical expertise in anti-counterfeiting technologies and vendor selection, including authentication, serialization, and traceability.

AMIT SEWAK: Responsible for contributing to the rfxcel’s mission and vision by designing, strategizing, assessing, planning and implementing the performance improvement programs to meet the needs of the organization. He provides leadership and strategy in regulatory, compliance and technical guidance to staff for digital IoT products. He functions as the Management Representative that maintains oversight responsibility for all Quality Management Systems.

In this interview, Mark and Amit discuss the issues of managing compliance with various traceability regulations such as sensitivity and protection of the data quality.

Data quality is a process of managing integral parts of your data for your systems, and ensuring that, on a risk- based level, you are containing and controlling that information so unauthorized access is prevented. As a customer, you cannot rely on the system to provide you with full security. That’s where rfxcel steps in and takes it to the next level.

rfxcel provides different procedures and controls that are technical, administrative or procedural that ensure protection of customer’s data. Since it’s a holistic level of management of data and not just an enterprise level, client or system based situation, it’s a crucial aspect for companies to be very sensitive and compliant.

While rfxcel makes sure our customers are compliant, the customer also has a much invested value in ensuring the change control procedures meet standards making the customer an active partner with the vendor in going through change management. We allow our customers the opportunity to stay in a compliant state, thus having control of how your system is being addressed.

rfxcel provides not only procedural and operational guidelines, but also a full support needed in case of a compliance audit.