Russia Chestny ZNAK and the Dairy Industry -

Russia Chestny ZNAK and the Dairy Industry

Russia Chestny ZNAK and the Dairy Industry

A pilot for dairy products began in July 2019 and ended on December 31, 2020. Mandatory labeling for cheese and ice cream is scheduled to begin June 1, 2021. Labeling for products with specific shelf lives is to begin on September 1 and December 1, 2021. Dairy will be unique because Chestny ZNAK plans to share track and trace duties with another government system.

This short white paper provides details about the dairy category, such as:

2D Data Matrix Codes for Dairy Products

  • Product packaging must have a blank field up to 15×15 mm to accommodate the code.
  • For products in PET bottles, caps must be prepared properly to accommodate either printing or marking with a laser.
  • If a manufacturer has concerns about marking any of its packaging — an unusually shaped carton or bottle, for example — it can submit a sample of the packaging for testing to determine if the codes will adhere to it and if the form factor affects the accuracy/reliability of scanning.
  • Aggregation is required, and the parent-child relationship must be maintained between the aggregation and the individual units within it.

The white paper also has an easy-to-understand overview of the Russian regulations, including its origins, basic labeling requirements, and other aspects relevant to any company that wants to do business in Russia.

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  • rTS works seamlessly with Chestny ZNAK, including a Russian-language user interface that makes integration and startup much quicker.