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Compliance Regulation & Serialization for Russia

Russia has begun rolling out some of the world’s strictest supply chain regulations through its National Track and Trace Digital System, known as Chestny ZNAK. Full enforcement is on track for 2024, when virtually every industry — from consumer goods and pharmaceuticals to photography equipment and bicycles — will be required to adhere to the stringent requirements.

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About Russian Track & Trace Requirements

Federal Law No. 425-FZ formalized Russia’s regulations.
To comply with the latest serialization regulations, all
products must include:

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2D Data Matrix Code

Must include a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN), serial number, verification key, and crypto code.

Crypto Code

The 44-character code provides cryptographic protection through an open key encryption algorithm. It must include a key ID and a verification code.

These digital markings provide traceability at the unit and batch levels, as well as secure reporting and records management.

Russia has been phasing in these track and trace regulations across industries, from medications and bicycles to perfumes and footwear. Sectors affected by the compliance requirements include:





Photo Cameras and Flashbulbs


Light Industry





Bottled Drinking Water

rfxcel Meets All Russian Serialization Requirements:

Since 2018, more than 6 million counterfeit products have been identified on the Russian market. This has threatened consumer safety and hurt brand reputations.

rfxcel is an official integration, software, and tested solution partner with the Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT), which manages Chestny ZNAK. Today, companies are using rfxcel’s track and trace solutions to achieve and maintain compliance. rfxcel transforms business value with a digital supply chain and by helping companies accelerate the process for meeting Russia’s regulatory requirements. As your partner, we’ll safeguard your products while ensuring you remain compliant with Chestny ZNAK.

rfxcel’s Russia Team: Compliance, Visibility & Support

The rfxcel team is your trusted partner for full Russian compliance. Our local team in Moscow provides on-site knowledge, guaranteeing your solutions are capable of achieving and maintaining serialization in Russia. We are one of few foreign providers with implementations in Russia.

Growth-Centered Solutions

rfxcel will develop a fully validated implementation plan tailored to your needs and designed specifically for Russia. Our systems operate in the Russian language, currency, and processes, easing the compliance burden for companies any industry. Our goal is to increase company value through insightful and precise data with the aid of automation and digitization of workflows.

Secure Your Supply Chain with rfxcel Traceability System (rTS)

Our award-winning track and trace solution, rfxcel Traceability System (rTS), is a fully customizable platform that simplifies and accelerates compliance and increases supply chain visibility no matter where you do business. rTS also integrates seamlessly with your existing systems and enhances scalability by letting you add new features quickly.

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Your value beyond compliance with rfxcel:

  • Digitize and centralize your entire supply chain in one elegant, easy-to-use, and intuitive platform
  • Enhance performance and reduce processing time in multiple languages
  • Leverage IoT technology to gain new real-time insight into and control of your supply chain
  • Trace your products forward and backward
  • Maintain historical information for a batch or individual product with continuous review and supply chain optimization
  • Drive growth by lowering costs and risks, eliminating inefficiencies, and tracking all activity anywhere in your supply chain, including among suppliers, distributors, and 3PLs
  • Integrate with any trading partner