Russia Changes 2020 Footwear Serialization Deadlines

Russia Footwear Serialization

Quick News: Russia Changes 2020 Serialization Deadlines for Footwear

Leap Year brought significant change to the timetable for footwear serialization in Russia. Announced February 29, Government Resolution No. 860 gave companies a few extra months to comply with the regulations: Key deadlines were pushed back from March 1 to  July 1.

Here’s what happens with footwear serialization on July 1

Starting on July 1:

  • Production and import of unlabeled shoes is prohibited.
  • Wholesale and retail sale of unlabeled footwear is prohibited.
  • Transfer of information about production, importation, and wholesale and retail sales to Russia’s National Track and Trace Digital System (Chestny ZNAK) becomes mandatory.

We discussed Russia’s labeling requirements for footwear in a previous blog post. Read it here.

Two other changes in 2020

Resolution No. 860 also stipulated changes to deadlines concerning unlabeled footwear:

  • Unlabeled footwear purchased before July 1 may be imported until August 1. (The original dates were March 1 and April 1, respectively.)
  •  Companies may label shoes made or acquired before July 1 until September 1, but only if they can document the date of manufacture or purchase. (The original dates were July 1 and September 1, respectively.)

And that’s that. Short and sweet — but significant in that companies who were not prepared have gained some much-needed time to ensure they’re in compliance.

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And be sure to read “Russia 2020: A Guide to Consumer Goods Supply Chain Compliance,” an easy-to-understand white paper that explains the fundamentals of the Russian legislation and puts it all in context.

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