The rfxcel VRS Pilot program to the public started in mid 2018. rfxcel has been the first solution provider in the US to implement and pilot the DSCSA Verification solution for wholesale distributors and manufactures. Due to our success, we have a number of test results and success to help trading partners meet DSCSA 2019 requirements.

With a single 2D barcode scan, the rfxcel Verification Router Service (rVRS) solution verifies serialized products in one second. rfxcel follows the GS1 Verification Messaging standards. By following this messaging framework for asking verification questions and receiving actionable information that immediately enables the requesting party to determine whether to accept, reject or quarantine a product instance.

This rfxcel Webinar gives you a full industry overview as of February 2019. If you would like to receive access to the webinar recording, please email us at: rfxwebinar@rfxcel.com

By downloading a copy of the webinar presentation, you’ll review the following:
1. Insight into the Verification Router Service (VRS)
2. Timeline/Updates on the VRS Program
3. rfxcel’s VRS Pilot Findings
4. What’s Next for VRS – Industry Updates

rfxcel Verification Router Service (rVRS) will ensure wholesale distributors and manufacturers meet the FDA DSCSA November deadline for handling saleable returns. You can still join the rfxcel VRS pilot program. Please contact us here.

About rfxcel: 

rfxcel is one of the most tenured track and track provider in the market today. rfxcel provides leading-edge solutions to help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect their products, and brand reputations. For the last 15 years, pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, and pharmacies throughout the industry have trusted rfxcel to provide more than just compliance solutions; they rely on rfxcel’s platform for greater real-time supply chain visibility and value. rfxcel is located across the globe in the U.S., EU, Latin America, India, Russia, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. rfxcel’s integrated track and trace software suite delivers better business outcomes and lowers supply chain costs.

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