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rfxcel at HDA Traceability Seminar

rfxcel is a HDA Traceability sponsor and partner

As the industry works toward the law’s 2023 finish line, HDA’s annual Traceability Seminar brings together healthcare supply chain leaders. These seminars provide the opportunity for industry leaders to collaborate and learn more about upcoming DSCSA implementation milestones. rfxcel is a proud HDA partner supporting their mission and members. rfxcel’s efforts to bring collaboration between companies is showing effective results. rfxcel’s partners and customers enjoy dramatic reductions in costs. They also see improvements in speed, service levels, and successful integrations. These results are tracked across the pharmaceutical supply chain.

This year rfxcel is part of HDA’s Traceability Seminar to educate the industry about best practices of serialization and compliance. As well as, innovative approaches and lessons learned working with distributors, manufacturers and dispensers. Strategic planning, collaborating and a flexible systems are set to implement serialization and traceability technologies. This effort further preserve the safety and security of the healthcare supply chain.

rfxcel is among key DSCSA solution providers for serialization, compliance and traceability. As DSCSA and FMD deadlines are approaching, rfxcel is partnering with manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies to provide them a simple, fast and reliable solution. A flexible and customizable system can meet these requirements. Pharmaceutical manufacturers in the U.S. will reach a major serialization milestone on November 27, 2018. European companies will reach these deadlines with the FMD on February 9, 2019.

This is why rfxcel participates and supports HDA, fellow supply chain colleagues, federal and state regulators, and industry traceability experts to provide details on the progress toward this milestone.

If have question about the serialization process and how to start please contact our team. We are here for you and your success. Please take a look at our whitepaper “7 Secretes of Serialization“. Our teams comes from strong backgrounds is this industry and we want to share best practices in serialization.

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