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rfxcel Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

San Ramon, CA November 1, 2018,  – Today, rfxcel, the leader in track and trace solutions for global supply chains celebrates its 15th business anniversary. Over the last 15 years, rfxcel has grown from a small upstart focused on U.S. compliance to a global product track and trace provider with a footprint in Europe, India, Russia, Latin American, the Middle East, and Asia.

Founded in 2003 by Glenn Abood and Jack Tarkoff, rfxcel was created to help the Life Sciences industry secure and optimize its supply chain operations and deliver safe medicines to consumers. Since its founding, rfxcel has brought consumer-focused track and trace solutions to pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and dispensers. In addition to its geographical expansion, rfxcel has extended its vertical reach to include Food and Beverage, Consumer Goods, and the Public Sector.

“We are now the longest-tenured pure-play track and trace company in the market today. I am proud that we continue to innovate and grow in a highly competitive global market. As I’ve looked back on our 15 years, I’ve reflected on our humble beginnings meeting at our local Starbucks to plan and strategize to now running a world-class supply chain company with hundreds of bright and talented people. I also remain heartened by the fact that we have retained so many of our original customers. That is a tribute to our best-in-class products and service. I am looking forward to the next 15 years!”  – Glenn Abood, rfxcel, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer.

rfxcel prides itself in delivering flexible solutions that meet compliance standards while also providing additional value. In response to customer needs for greater supply chain visibility, rfxcel migrated from lot-level “ePedigree” to global serialization at the unit level, and expanded its product lines to include Internet of Things (IoT) Environmental Monitoring, Immunization Tracking, and Controlled Substances Tracking for government and law enforcement.

“We set out to create solutions to protect consumers. When we founded rfxcel, there were no complete pharmaceutical track and trace solutions on the market, and there were very few regulations governing pharmaceutical track and trace. We were ahead of the curve then and remain ahead of the curve now because we produce products with the consumer in mind.” – Jack Tarkoff, rfxcel, Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

About rfxcel

rfxcel is the most tenured track and trace provider in the market today. rfxcel provides leading-edge solutions to help organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect their products, and brand reputations. For the last 15 years, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors throughout industry have trusted rfxcel to provide more than just compliance solutions; they rely on rfxcel’s platform for greater supply chain visibility and value. rfxcel is located across the globe in the USA, EU, Latin America, India, Russia, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. rfxcel’s integrated track and trace software suite delivers better business outcomes and lowers supply chain costs.

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