Patient Safety Through Traceability -

Patient Safety Through Traceability

Global pharmaceutical safety
through smart serialization and open collaboration


Medications – we all use them, but how can we be sure they are authentic and safe? 10-15% of the world’s drug supply is counterfeit. Criminals mislabel drugs to scam consumers, selling the fake drug as authentic. The pharmaceutical industry loses hundreds of billions in profit. Hundreds of thousands of patients are at risk of losing their lives every year.


The need for pharmaceutical companies to have absolute and accurate visibility of their supply chains is imperative. Global governments are demanding complete visibility into a drug’s journey from manufacturer to patient. The industry is shifting from a simple buyer-seller model to a more collaborative model. This is only possible through a Platform that is interoperable throughout the entire supply chain.


“This collaborative model supports the pharmaceutical industry’s need for companies to view each other as allies. rfxcel is committed to open collaboration that works with all partners, governments, and standard bodies such as GS1 and HDA. It is important to enable effective interoperability and not pursue a closed network that drives proprietary standards. By supporting the open exchange of information, companies do not have to worry about future integrations needs. Instead, companies can focus on meeting the needs of their customers and keeping their products safe.”
– Herb Wong, VP of Product Management at rfxcel.


rfxcel offers a global traceability solution which enables the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to track and trace products. rfxcel Traceability System can offer traceability from the raw-material supplier to the dispenser, delivering the final product safely to the end user. With over fourteen years in the pharmaceutical supply chain business, rfxcel knows that true visibility is only possible by integrating and processing data thoroughly between manufacturers, distributors, packagers, clinics and pharmacies. rfxcel works to ensure data is valid.


“With each step in the process, we run over sixty data verifications to reduce bad data entering the supply chain. We continuously put best data integration practices into effect, improving accuracy and visibility of the supply chain. Each shipment is assigned a serial number. At every handoff the receiving party scans that number. rfxcel instantly ascertains the data, providing a digital report with data points about the product and its history. We aggregate the date in a relationship hierarchy, so recipients gain complete visibility into every pallet, case and bottle. This process ensures trading partners feel confident that medications are authentic and safe.”
– Herb Wong, VP of Product Management at rfxcel.


Today, the rfxcel Traceability Platform provides a global solution to eliminate threats such as counterfeiting, product diversion, and theft. It is a flexible and reliable system that reduces the cost and difficulty of implementing traceability technology. rfxcel has strong experience and knowledge of industry standards, and has partnerships with regulatory agencies. This provides the solution that manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies need.


About rfxcel:

rfxcel is the leading provider of SaaS-based track and trace solutions. Their solution enables companies to protect patients and meet their compliance needs, while getting insights and visibility into their supply chain. Their relentless commitment to customer success and continuous innovation ensures that companies meet their requirements and protect those who depend on them.