EU Falsified Medicines Directive Webinar: What to Know & Where to Begin

EU Falsified Medicines Directive Webinar: What to Know & Where to Begin

Presented by: Mark Davison, Serialization Expert for rfxcel based in UK

Webinar recording: https://rfxcel.com/webinar-eu-falsified-medicines-directive/

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Tuesday, January 30, 2018 – Webinar has ended!

A webinar by rfxcel to provide insight into the upcoming serialization requirements, and learn how to ensure your organization is on track to compliance. In this 45 minute presentation, we will discuss:

1. An overview of key features of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive.

2. What does this mean for Marketing Authorization Holders (MAHs), Distributors and Dispensers?

3. Who does what? The role(s) of Small or Virtual MAHs and Contract Manufacturers explained.

4. Explanation of the EMVO process, and steps to onboarding your organization.

5. Considerations when selecting a certified gateway provider.

6. Timelines, resource needs, validation and other issues.

About rfxcel:

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