India iVEDA Compliance and Requirements: Track and Trace

India iVEDA Compliance

On April 1, 2020, India launched the Integrated Validation of Exports of Drugs from India and its Authentication (iVEDA) portal, officially replacing its Drugs Authentication and Verification Application (DAVA). iVEDA’s primary purpose is to be a repository database for serialized batch data, rather than means to focus on tracking and tracing the country’s drug supply. It was designed to help manufacturers and exporters use tertiary and secondary-level coded data more easily, effectively, and efficiently.

The iVEDA compliance deadline is February 1, 2024, for both small-scale industry (SSI) and non-SSI drugs.

India is a huge market with a complex regulatory landscape — and we can help you navigate it.

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iVEDA requirements

Using the iVEDA portal, manufacturers and exporters must upload barcode data from secondary and tertiary packaging of drugs meant for export. A manufacturer that uploads this data must provide the manufacturer code and product code provided by GS1 India. They can choose to maintain the parent-child relationship between secondary and tertiary packaging, but it’s not mandatory. Additionally, manufacturers must have a Class-II or Class-III Digital Signature Certificate issued by any Certifying Authority in India.

Manufacturers are responsible for the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the data uploaded to iVEDA. They can, however, extend this responsibility to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, or anyone next to them in the supply chain.

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