rFB Platform for Growers & Shippers - Ensure Quality and Drive ROI

Growers & Shippers

Growers and harvesters are the heart of the food supply chain. Today, they face a market landscape that continues to demand more of their operations, from food safety regulatory schemes to customer demands for transparency. Consumer tastes are driving these changes, and food brands working across global supply chains face constant pressure to ensure their customers are getting quality, authentic products, every time – all while input costs are rising.

At the same time, leading food brands are using the opportunity to tell their story to a consumer audience that wants to connect with where their food is coming from. Whether this be by innovative packaging, labeling or making specific brand-value claims like organic, kosher, or sustainable, growers have an incentive to validate and leverage their claims to win a greater market share.

With these changes shaping the future of food supply chains, the need for accurate, complete supply chain data has never been greater. rfxcel understands that the producers that can best navigate growing data demands and leverage the new data available to them through robust traceability platforms will win the day. With hundreds of complex implementations under our belts, you can trust that rfxcel’s experienced team will guide you to greater piece of mind, and a stronger bottom line.

rfxcel’s rFB Platfrom:

  • Manage all current and future customer and regulatory traceability demands, from lot-level or item level traceability, product serialization or blockchain applications.
  • Ensure your data stream for product movement is accurate and complete: never fail a recall or audit.
  • Create unique value for consumers and grow your brand via on-package engagement that can be traced back to the harvest event for new insights and opportunities to provide consumers with more information or to power smart labels.
  • Ensure the quality and integrity of fresh product from harvest to delivery with rfxcel’s award winning Environmental Monitoring Solution.
  • Drive ROI via better data on how inputs impact outcomes and in identifying bottlenecks or issues via real-time track and trace.