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rfxcel at BSMA Conference

BSMA conference

Oct. 12 2017

Foster City, CA


BSMA Conference

rfxcel at the BSMA Conference. Meet our representative Mark Wiesendanger for lunch and dinner. Mark will help you answer questions on building a real-time visibility for your supply chain.

Real time visibility in the supply chain is a strategic area of innovation at rfxcel. Mark can help you with the challenges and triumphs involved in assessing, selecting, and installing an “extreme visibility” platform over the next few months. Our goal is to use this platform to “know what we don’t know,” understanding the real-time movements of our goods, have up-to-the-minute information of global events that could impact our supply chain, and provide this information to groups across the corporation.

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About rfxcel:
rfxcel is the pioneer and leader in track and trace solutions for the Life Sciences. Specializing in product serialization, traceability and compliance rfxcel provides a solid process and global connection to meet government requirements. rfxcel develops these enterprise solutions to ensure customer success and secure their business. It’s the #1 traceability platform for a safe supply chain. Get a perspective that is accurate and powerful – always keeping you a step ahead.