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Solution Suite for Food Service Distributors

Distributors and operators have a daunting task, whether servicing fine dining restaurants, hospital cafeterias or global hotel chains, the demand for fresh, quality products from transparent, reliable suppliers is growing. With so many touch points in delivering the right experience for your customer, complete digital traceability is a must. With rfxcel’s rFB platform, food service distributors and operators can act immediately on safety or quality issues with surgical recalls and forward and backward traceability tools that are best-in-class.

Working across global supply chains with multiple vendors and suppliers makes product traceability an intensive, often error-prone exercise that saps resources and keeps distributors from focusing on growing their business. rfxcel’s solution suite delivers fast, flexible and accurate product data management across your supply chain. Our data validation tools ensure that your data is verified, complete and actionable. Our tools can change outcomes for you and your customers.

rfxcel’s solution suite is built to work with your existing ERP, EDGE or WMS systems, and with those of your supply chain partners to provide complete and accurate product pedigrees. Our unrivaled platform flexibility makes end-end product traceability possible. Combined with our data validation tools, rfxcel ensures that your traceability protocols can be met with accuracy by you and your supply chain partners, whether that be blockchain solutions, GS1 data bars or a combination of different standards.