Traceability Platform for CPG Manufacturers - Unlock Growth Potential

CPG Manufacturers

Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Manufacturing

Food Manufacturers are operating in a time of great uncertainty – and great opportunity. Consumers are more and more interested in connecting with brands and what those brands stand for. For a food manufacturer, whether that is a brand owner, private label provider or co-packer, the integrity of your operation is the key to unlocking growth and thriving in this competitive market.

Managing global supply chains and validating the origin of ingredients is a major challenge, as the consequences for mis-labeling, fraud, adulteration or food safety recalls can be devastating.

rfxcel’s traceability platform has been tried and tested in the toughest manufactured environments for life science and pharmaceuticals for over a decade.  We understand that making sure your supply chain data is complete, accurate and timely can be the difference between thriving and failing, and that supply chain is a competitive asset and differentiator for our customers including unique business processes. This is why rfxcel never sells a one-size-fits-all solution. Our software suite is extensible to your specific needs, allowing a level of flexibility not provided by our competitors, while still delivering regular, non-disruptive software upgrades.

rFB Features:

  • Protect your brand and your customers with best-in-class data validation protocols to ensure product event data is accurate and complete
  • Track ingredients and raw materials through to finished goods, by lot or by item to validate your brand claims and gain unprecedented insights into your supply chain operations.
  • Our platform has integrated with hundreds of technology systems, allowing your suppliers and trading partners to pass along key product data without disrupting their workflows
  • Unique identifiers on your finished goods to allow for surgical recalls when required, and unique customer engagement opportunities; gather data on how consumers are responding to marketing messages about product data like freshness, ingredients or origin
  • Enhanced Inventory Management Reduce Waste, Shrink, out-of-stocks to drive benefits right to your bottom line.
  • Drive ROI via better data on how inputs impact outcomes and in identifying bottlenecks or issues via real-time track and trace.
  • With better supply chain control, expand your Direct-to-Consumer business