Brazil ANVISA Deadline Is Just Two Weeks Away. Here's What to Know

Brazil ANVISA Deadline

Brazil ANVISA Deadline Is Just Two Weeks Away. Here’s What You Need to Know.

The Brazil ANVISA deadline is just two weeks away. On April 28, 2022, pharmaceutical companies must comply with the serialization, reporting, and traceability requirements set out in the National Medicine Control System (SNCM), which the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency — ANVISA — signed into law a little more than five years ago.

If you follow our blog (and we know you do), you know we’ve covered ANVISA and the SNCM since Day 1. You could also probably guess that we weren’t going to miss this opportunity to share more update about what to expect as the Brazil ANVISA deadline countdown enters its final days. Let’s take one last look.

Brazil ANVISA deadline and the SNCM: A recap

The Brazil ANVISA deadline has been on the industry’s radar since the SNCM was passed on December 28, 2016 (as Law No. 13.410/2016). It regulations will help Brazil protect its almost 213 million citizens against common problems in the drug supply chain, such as counterfeits and theft.

The SNCM requires every pharma supply chain actor to capture, store, and exchange data electronically. All products must have a GS1 2D Data Matrix barcode with five data points:

  1. Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)
  2. A 13-digit ANVISA Medicine Registry Number
  3. A unique 13-digit serial number
  4. An expiration date (in the MM/YY format for human-readable form)
  5. A lot/batch number (up to 20 alphanumeric characters)

The ANVISA Medicine Registry Number, serial number, expiration date, and lot/batch number make up the Unique Medicine Identifier (Identificador Único de Medicamentos), or IUM, which must be printed on every product. Compliant labeling might look something like this:


Overall, there are three key requirements for the April 28 Brazil ANVISA deadline:

  1. All prescription medicines must be serialized.
  2. All manufacturers and importers must have a “serialization plan” in the SNCM portal.
  3. All supply chain stakeholders must submit product event reports to the SNCM.

For serialization plans in the SNCM portal, manufacturers and importers must provide information about their relevant product lines and medicines. Manufacturers were also required to submit a serialization plan that includes all steps and actions they would take to become compliant by the deadline.

Final thoughts

As we said above, this is our last look at the Brazil ANVISA deadline and SNCM requirements before April 28. However, it is most definitely not the last you’ll hear from us about Brazil’s pharma market and how it’s being regulated. We will continue monitoring the situation, posting updates, and answering your questions — always.

Undoubtedly, we’ve established ourselves as a leader in solutions for Brazil ANVISA and the SNCM. We’ve fine-tuned our software to help manufacturers and other pharma stakeholders achieve SNCM compliance, and we’ve prioritized assisting companies to be 100 percent compliant throughout the long rollout of the regulations. We’ve also built a dedicated São Paulo-based team that’s been extraordinarily active and involved every step of the way.

So, if you hear this or that provider saying they’re the only company offering a comprehensive solution, platform, or framework for SNCM compliance — or any other compliance requirements — be skeptical. Then contact us to get the straight talk about what you need to do and how our compliance and supply chain traceability solutions will get you where you need to be quickly and efficiently, no matter where you do business.

Keep an eye on the April 28 Brazil ANVISA deadline and drop us a line if you have questions!

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