Join rfxcel at the PMA Fresh Summit October 17-19 in Anaheim, CA

Join rfxcel at the PMA Fresh Summit!

Join rfxcel at the PMA Fresh Summit Convention + Expo!

rfxcel’s Food and Beverage team will be the PMA Fresh Summit October 17-19 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California. Visit us at Booth 4829 to talk about the changing landscape of food production, distribution, and marketing, and how companies that harness supply chain data will win the future.

We’ll be exhibiting our latest track and trace innovations, including our signature Traceability System (rTS), an improved MobileTraceability app, and our Integrated Monitoring (rIM) solution. These products work together to yield real-time validated data at the unit, case, pallet, and lot levels. They harness mobile technology and the Internet of Things (IoT) for the most complete view of your production while ensuring you are always compliant with regulators and your customers.

We’re All About the Data

This year, we’re focusing on the power and importance of data. We’ll be showcasing data-centric technology that’s tailor-made for the food and beverage industry. For example, we’ll be running a live demo of rIM, so stop by and see everything it can do. Here’s a teaser:

  • It yields an array of super-rich data, from cut-to-cool time to in-transit conditions on land, sea, and air.
  • It uses IoT-enabled sensors and the power of rTS to capture critical data about more than a dozen environmental conditions.
  • It sends real-time updates for 24/7 monitoring of perishable goods.
  • It’s more than cold-chain monitoring: It’s a sensor-agnostic solution that can be configured to solve the unique challenges of any supply chain.

You can also request a demo of our rTS platform, which features a best-in-class serialization solution and can track units, cases, pallets, and lots. You’ll see how it tracks all raw material lots as they travel from different farms to a central processing facility where they’re transformed into a new product for distribution.

Furthermore, rTS has proven itself time and again in the strict regulatory environment of the pharmaceutical industry, where there’s simply no room for bad data. We want to show you exactly what it can do for your food and beverage operations.

Going Mobile: Manage Your Supply Chain and Engage Consumers with Data

We’re excited to bring our MobileTraceability app to this year’s Fresh Summit! Powered by rTS, it captures and reports on data when and where it happens. Available for Android devices and most handheld mobile scanners, it lets users see everything, everywhere — in the field, at the dock, on the production floor. It can create new events such as quality inspection results so users can capture non-traditional traceability data or create/track the workflow that best suits their business needs.

Beyond that, MobileTraceability lets you connect with consumers at the critical moment of purchase. As you know, consumers buy on attributes. They demand to know where their products come from. They want to know their food is safe to eat and authentic. Plus, they have an almost unlimited number of choices.

The MobileTraceability app communicates value to consumers. It makes your products stand out from the crowd. Using its rich, actionable data, you can:

  • Build consumer trust by empowering them to validate the authenticity and provenance of your products
  • Deliver product insights that capitalize on shoppers’ increasing scanning habits
  • Deliver the data and attributes that matter to your consumers, including expiry date, temperature data for a product’s lifecycle, harvest date, and grower certifications
  • Incentivize feedback through individual rewards enabled through rfxcel’s serialization solution
  • Drive engagement, brand development, and feedback into production
  • Build brand loyalty and increase wallet share in a 1:1, cost-effective, and dynamic manner

So, Are You Ready?

Are you ready to drive new growth using powerful data from rfxcel technology? Do you want to optimize your track and trace capabilities? What about realizing 1:1 consumer engagement?

We’ll be at the PMA Fresh Summit all three days, from October 17 to 19. We want to meet with you. Come by Booth 4829 or contact us today to book an appointment.

See you in Anaheim!



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