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rfxcel Joins UK Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework

San Ramon, CA October 2, 2018 – rfxcel, the leader in track and trace solutions for global supply chains, announced today that it is now an approved UK government Digital Market Place vendor under the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework.  

The Digital Outcomes and Specialist framework, also known as DOS, allows the public sector and arm’s length bodies in the UK to buy from a preapproved list of vendors to expedite contracting. This reduces time and costs of procurement and provides rfxcel with the opportunity to support a wide array of digital supply chain transformation efforts across the public sector.  

“As an approved Digital Market Place vendor, we are able to provide the UK public sector with the same leading-edge digital supply chain technology as their private sector counterparts. Furthermore, as an experienced Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) service provider, DOS will enable us to work more closely with the NHS trusts and pharmacists to assist in their FMD implementation efforts. This is especially important given the February 2019 deadline for FMD is fast approaching,” – said Mark Davison, Senior Operations Director – Europe, rfxcel.  

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rfxcel is a world-class supply chain track and trace company. rfxcel provides leading-edge track and trace solutions to help organisations meet regulatory compliance requirements, protect their products, and brand reputation. rfxcel has been an industry leader since 2003, with global locations including USA, EU, Latin America, India and Asia Pacific. rfxcel’s integrated track and trace software suite delivers better business outcomes and lowers supply chain costs. 

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