Serialization and Validation with rfxcel (Part 2 of 3) -

Serialization and Validation with rfxcel (Part 2 of 3)

Watch the short interview with Mark and Amit to learn more about the compliance factors and requirements that are essential when evaluating a software vendor for serialization. Contact us for a quick demo.

MARK DAVISON: Head of Europe for rfxcel Corporation – a global leader in traceability solutions. He has started EU and Russia operations for rfxcel, devising the regional strategy, hiring staff and managing fast growth. He was voted onto Medicine Maker magazine’s Power List of 100 most influential people in pharma manufacturing and development. He has technical expertise in anti-counterfeiting technologies and vendor selection, including authentication, serialization, and traceability.

AMIT SEWAK: Responsible for contributing to the rfxcel’s mission and vision by designing, strategizing, assessing, planning and implementing the performance improvement programs to meet the needs of the organization. He provides leadership and strategy in regulatory, compliance and technical guidance to staff for digital IoT products. He functions as the Management Representative that maintains oversight responsibility for all Quality Management Systems.

In this interview Mark and Amit discuss what questions you should be asking when evaluating a solution provider for serialization.

There are three key compliance factors you should take into consideration when evaluating software vendors for serialization, according to Amit.

The first one is maintaining your validated statement. If the vendor keeps providing you with continuous updates, you need to constantly validate to maintain the state of compliance which can be a very laborious and costly task.

The second factor to consider is how well the risk is being controlled on your end.  If the vendor keeps providing you with the risk process upfront, you as the recipient can make your own risk decisions.

The third factor to take into consideration is the transparency of the improvements that the vendor makes to the software, keeping you up to date with all the changes and improvements.

rfxcel ensures the transparency for the manufacturers, distributors and dispensers, providing the best quality of data.