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rfxcel VRS Pilot Open to All Supply Chain Partners

San Ramon, CA July 31, 2018 – rfxcel, the global leader in track and trace solutions, announces the start of rfxcel VRS Pilot, which is now open to all pharmaceutical trading partners.  This is a major step in helping organizations meet the U.S. Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) requirement for Saleable Returns.

rfxcel is already working with VRS participants from the “Big Three” wholesalers, manufacturers, repackagers, national/regional pharmacies and dispensers.  To support the readiness of the industry, rfxcel is taking the next step and is extending its VRS pilot to all DSCSA stakeholders.

“This is a significant commitment from rfxcel to meet a critical need in the pharmaceutical industry.  VRS is important to the success of DSCSA.  We realize that there are many who need to evaluate the readiness of their organization.  To facilitate this, rfxcel is taking an unprecedented step and opening up our VRS Pilot to all trading partners,” said Atul Mohidekar, Chief Technology Officer of rfxcel.

VRS is an industry initiative sponsored by the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA). It allows pharmaceutical supply chain partners to quickly exchange data and verify the validity of a product being returned for sale.  The end goal of this effort is to ensure the authenticity of products and the safety of patients and consumers.

rfxcel VRS effort will support both Requestor and Responder scenarios to ensure end-to-end compliance. Using the Responder functionality, manufacturers and repackagers will be able to respond to verification requests. Distributors will be able to use the Requester functionality to verify authenticity of the resalable products.  A key requirement of VRS is the support for a Lookup Directory (LD), which enables quick delegation of requests to the proper owners. rfxcel will provide the LD functionality to facilitate routing of product authentication requests. rfxcel will also provide an option to use blockchain-based VRS and the LD solution to align itself with industry initiatives. With the combination of VRS, LD, Responder and Requester capabilities, rfxcel will be able to provide the full spectrum of verification functionality to manufacturers, repackagers and distributors to comply with the DSCSA law.

“rfxcel has always supported an open partner ecosystem.  We are committed to working with HDA, our customers and other pharmaceutical trading partners to help secure the supply chain.  This effort will save lives and it is imperative to have this in place for patients and consumers.  Opening up rfxcel VRS Pilot to the industry will help to accelerate this process,” said Glenn Abood, Chief Executive Officer of rfxcel.


To learn more about rfxcel  or participate in rfxcel VRS pilot please contact us at Contact Us.


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