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rfxcel Supports ANVISA SNCM for Safer, Traceable Medicines

Reno, NV April 29, 2019— rfxcel, the leader in track and trace solutions for the pharmaceutical market, announces its support for ANVISA’s SNCM medicine traceability system. ANVISA announced that the 3 years deadline to be compliant with the system starts today. rfxcel has a team in place and is ready to support customers immediately.

The National System for the Control of Medicines (SNCM), founded by Law No. 11,903 of January 14, 2009, establishes mechanisms and procedures for drug tracking & tracing, through technology for capturing, storing and transmitting data electronically throughout the supply chain of pharmaceuticals in the national territory (Brazil).

By April 2022 all members of the supply chain must be able to capture, store and exchange data electronically regarding prescription drugs. rfxcel has applied its more than fifteen years of traceability expertise and it is ready to support the industry to be compliant in Brazil.

Vinicius Bagnarolli, Director of Operations LATAM, rfxcel, comments: ‘’This is a great step for Brazil to protect its citizens against counterfeit pharmaceuticals and cargo theft. Europe and the United States have similar laws that have been implemented successfully. Brazil is the biggest economy in LATAM and among the biggest in the world therefore the SNCM should be celebrated  as a statement of intent that Brazil’s drug industry will follow global quality trends.’’

Mark Davison, VP of International Business, rfxcel, comments: Organizations in the medicine supply chain urgently need clarity and support from experienced solution providers with traceability expertise. We’ve been working with customers in Brazil for some time. The SNCM is challenging, but rfxcel builds these requirements into existing business workflows to give a great opportunity to improve patient safety and supply chain efficiency.”

As the pioneer and a leader of track and trace solutions for the Life Sciences industry, rfxcel provides a robust technology platform as well as a full-service implementation/support model, that ensures customer success, patient safety and peace of mind.