rfxcel Named Russia CRPT Integration Partner in 9 Industries

rfxcel Named Russia CRPT Software and Integration Partner for Nine Industries

Reno, Nevada, July 21, 2020 — rfxcel, the global leader in digital supply chain traceability solutions, today announced that it had once again been named an official software and integration partner with Russia’s Center for Research in Perspective Technologies (CRPT), which operates the country’s National Track and Trace Digital System (Chestny ZNAK). It was named an official integration, software, and tested solution partner for medications in April.

The company earned official partner status for nine industries: footwear, tires, light industry, perfumes, dairy, bottled drinking water, bicycles, wheelchairs, and tobacco. rfxcel is now an official partner for 10 of the 11 industries for which the CRPT has chosen partners.

Furthermore, at the time of this release, rfxcel was the only software and integration partner for five industries: footwear, tires, light industry, wheelchairs, and bicycles. In the remaining industries — perfume, dairy, and bottled water — rfxcel is either the sole partner a category or one of only two or three.

The new designations solidify rfxcel’s status as the leader in Chestny ZNAK. rfxcel CEO Glenn Abood said the continued success with the CRPT and Chestny ZNAK demonstrated that the company’s strategy for the Russian market was working. “We have always been the leader in supply chain compliance,” he said, “and we committed ourselves to extending that legacy to Russia. We’ve been there right from the start, growing our team in Moscow and honing our solutions to meet the strict compliance requirements. Our official partner designations in 10 industries shows we’re leading in Russia.”

Victoria Kozlova, rfxcel’s general director of Russian operations, said the new partner designations could be attributed to three things. “It’s the quality of our solutions, the support we’re getting from across rfxcel, and the quality of our team in Moscow,” she said. “We’re one of only a very few solutions providers with active implementations in Russia. That says a lot about what we’ve accomplished over the last two years. We’re also working to parlay this success with our strategies in the Commonwealth of Independent States.”

Enacted by Federal Law No. 425-FZ on December 29, 2017, Chestny ZNAK was designed to protect consumers by keeping fake and substandard products out of the market. As envisioned, by 2024 it will transform the Russian supply chain and affect virtually every industry, from pharmaceuticals to baby food. The CRPT, a public-private partnership, has managed Chestny ZNAK since 2018.

To learn more about rfxcel’s operations in Russia and its solutions for pharma, consumer goods, food and beverage, and government, contact Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives Herb Wong at hwong@rfxcel.com and visit rfxcel.com.

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