rfxcel Controlled Substances (rCS) - Access for Real Time Monitoring

rfxcel Controlled Substances (rCS)

rfxcel Controlled Substances (rCS)

Monitoring Controlled Substances

rCS is tailored to meet the unique needs of the public sector. rCS uses the data generated from the commercial use of the rfxcel Traceability System and suite of products to give public organizations and law enforcement access to real-time transaction monitoring on shipments to downstream trading partners. rCS gives state & federal regulators along with law enforcement the ability to to influence outcomes with real-time interdiction.

rCS captures the activity, history, and location of any rCS monitored controlled substance in the pharmaceutical supply chain required to comply with existing US laws.

With rCS you can:

  • Aggregate usable data associated with laws like DSCSA, DSQA, Controlled Substances Act for a view of active controlled substances in the legal drug supply
  • View the transaction data associated with the shipment of controlled substances in real-time. Know who, what, when, where at any point in the supply chain
  • View the location of controlled substances in real-time
  • Use IoT Environmental Monitoring sensors to receive real-time alerts of shipments

rfxcel is conducting targeted rCS pilots at the state level:

rfxcel’s pilot program works with state and commercial businesses to help you establish a pilot tailored for your state.

The rCS pilot includes getting stakeholders in the pharmaceutical supply chain compliant with the DSCSA. As such, pilot participants may receive some or all of the following rfxcel solutions:

  • SNAP: rfxcel’s dispenser solution used to meet DSCSA requirements
  • rfxcel Traceability System (rTS): Platform to connect disparate sources of data to create a full picture of the controlled substances lifecycle
  • rfxcel Environmental Monitoring (rEM): Connect product data like serial numbers with real-time product monitoring

o Merge rTS traceability with Environmental Monitoring (rEM) sensors to show real-time product monitoring of things like location, temperature, tilt, shock/vibration, light, location, speed, pressure, motion, moisture/humidity

Public Organizations receive access to the auditable data via the rCS web-portal to view reports.

rCS reporting features: 

  • Identification of distributors shipping large amounts of controlled substances to a particular region or dispenser
  • Identification of dispensers ordering unusual amounts of a controlled substance
  • Identification of higher than average orders based on region/geography
  • Identification of orders containing the recipe for drug cocktails associate controlled substances
  • Suspected cases of diversion or theft

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