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rfxcel Announces New U.S. Public Services Vertical

San Ramon, CA September 18, 2018  rfxcel, the leader in track and trace solutions for the pharmaceutical market, announced today entry into the U.S. public sector with a new U.S. Public Services vertical. This new vertical will provide leading-edge track and trace solutions for federal agencies, state and local governments as well as defense and law enforcement.  

Glenn Abood, CEO of rfxcel said, “we decided to invest in a U.S. Public Services vertical because there is a national opioid crisis, and a growing problem with foreign drugs entering the legitimate supply chain. These problems impact not only drug prices, but also drug safety, which has been a founding principle of our organization from the beginning.”  

rfxcel’s entry into the public sector highlights the need for more sophisticated track and trace technology solutions for government to combat threats to public health. “There is growing intersection between the goals and needs of the public and private sector because of laws like the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), Drug Quality Security Act (DSQA), Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and the Controlled Substances Act (CSA). rfxcel understands enforcement challenges. We will work with government agencies to implement many of the same track and trace solutions used in the private sector, and bridge the information gap to allow for a more complete view of data required by laws and regulations,” – said Jack Tarkoff, CSO, rfxcel.  

“Today marks an important milestone in our business as we extend our capabilities into government by announcing the creation of a new U.S. Public Services vertical led by Greg Moulthrop, Vice President of U.S. Public Services. In the past, while we have not directly partnered with the government, we have been good stewards of the laws that protect consumers from counterfeit, contaminated, stolen and adulterated pharmaceutical products. For years, we have worked with our private industry partners to ensure the practical application and implementation of requirements in response to laws and regulations, and have developed innovative solutions that meet and exceed regulatory requirements.  It is therefore not only a natural evolution of our business to move into the public sector, but also a natural fit as our business is able to offer similar innovative solutions to government and law enforcement,” – said Glenn Abood, CEO, rfxcel.  

About rfxcel U.S. Public Services  

Our mission is to develop innovative solutions for federal, state, defense and law enforcement agencies that utilize our robust track and trace platform and capitalize on existing laws and technologies. We understand that the government has made significant investments to enact laws and regulations that protect citizens and consumers from counterfeit or harmful products and predatory practices, which is why rfxcel strives to provide solutions that pair leading-edge track and trace solutions with powerful data and insights for better decision making.  


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